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Russia might not celebrate thanksgiving but I'm pretty sure they will be frying a turkey.

Why don't the Bulgarians, Greeks, and Armenians celebrate Thanksgiving?

Because they don't like Turkey.

A Native American scolded me for celebrating Thanksgiving, a celebration of slaughter

So I said, "you're right, it's awful what they've done to the turkeys all these years."

Why does Russia not celebrate Thanksgiving?

Because they hate Turkey

My family always celebrates Thanksgiving with a fast. The faster we eat, the more food we get.

Q: What is the difference between a chicken and a turkey?

A: Chickens celebrate Thanksgiving!

We're celebrating Thanksgiving the old fashioned way at my place this year

By inviting our neighbors over to eat and then killing them and taking their land

Guy at work: They don't celebrate Thanksgiving in India, do they?

Me: They would if Columbus had stopped to ask for directions...

Why don't blacks celebrate thanksgiving?

It's hard to be thankful when KFC is closed

All Canadians are hipsters

because they all celebrated Thanksgiving a month before it was cool.

Who celebrates thanksgiving in Canada?

All the turkeys that made it across the border.

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This year I decided I am going back to the real roots of Thanksgiving and celebrating it in the traditional fashion.

I will be handing out smallpox blankets to Native Americans.

Q: How did Albert Einstein celebrate Thanksgiving?

A: He was very thinkful.

In Turkey we are not allowed to celebrate Thanksgiving...

Because the law considers it cannibalism

Looking forward to celebrate Thanksgiving with my loved ones

Wish I could write this in another sub

It has always bothered me that Black Friday is the day after we celebrate Thanksgiving.

It's 2018, do we really need segregated holidays?

How do you celebrate Thanksgiving?

By waiting for Black Friday.

I can't celebrate Thanksgiving this year

We refuse to set the Thanksgiving table until my dad gets back.

Why do Canadians celebrate Thanksgiving earlier than the USA?

To be thankful they're are not part of the USA.

Hey Dad, do the Indian people celebrate Thanksgiving?

They did. Once.

Celebrate Thanksgiving the American way: spend money you don't have on Chinese products.

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