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A horse walks into a bar.

The bartender says, "Why the long face?"

The horse says, "I just realized that I'm a metaphysical concept within a fictional narrative and will cease to exist at the end of this sentence."

My friend joined a cult. They believe that one day they will cease to exist in their human form, and become water vapor.

I told him, "you will be mist".

We did it Reddit! For ONE GLORIOUS DAY, people of the world will put aside their differences! There'll be no hunger, no pain, no suffering! No war, no fighting! Peace will embrace us like a warm blanket! Sickness and disease will cease! So please welcome this momentous occasion....

February 30, 2021

A blind man asks Jesus to heal him

"Behold. I will heal your blindness," Jesus says, "and thy masturbation shall cease."

"Is masturbation a sin? Is it the cause of my blindness?" asks the old man.

Jesus replied, "No, masturbation is not a sin, but I'm tryiing to do an eye exam here."

A horse walks into a bar and asks for a drink.

A horse walks into a bar and asks for a drink.

The bartender says why the long face?

The horse let's out a sigh and says "I'm a metaphysical character that exists only in the scope of this joke and will cease to exist at the end of this sentence.''

Cease fire!

And that's how Fire lost his job.

What's the difference between a marine and a bunch of cars at a junkyard?

One goes to sea, the other's cease to go

Nintendo issues cease and desists to fan made games.

I guess they don't like themselves...

You talk when you cease to be at peace with your thoughts.

Middle East

So whaddya call 3 rockets, 4 mortars, 5 molotov cocktails and 6 incendiary kites lauched from Gaza into Israel?
A cease fire!

Why did the socialist kill all the average workers at the factory?

He wanted to cease the means of production

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138 santas nation wide being served with cease and desist orders.

3000 mothers are protesting the use of sexist language across the country chanting Ho Ho Ho has got to go ...

Did you hear about Facebook shutting down pro-communism pages?

They're trying to cease the memes of production.

Why won't Rednecks cease to be?

They keep coming back through reintarnation.

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