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I was at the dentist yesterday

As he was inspecting my teeth, he poked and prodded and scraped one of my back molars that was particularly sore. He leaned closer for a better look, and said to me, "That's the biggest cavity I've ever seen! That's the biggest cavity I've ever seen!"

I was kind of offended. "Doc, I'm not stupid or deaf, you didn't have to repeat yourself."

"I wasn't repeating myself, that was the echo!"

What did airport security tell the Dentist.

We need to give you a cavity search

My girl threw this one at me right before bed: "Do you know why I don't like going to the dentist?"

Because they always do a full cavity search!

Cavity joke, My girl threw this one at me right before bed: "Do you know why I don't like going to the dentist?"

Why do arabs use Colgate before going to the airport?

because it provides cavity protection

A dentist goes to another dentist to fix a cavity.

When his dentist started to explain the procedure, he stopped him and said, "Don't worry, I know the drill."

Did you know that jewish people have a higher risk of getting a cavity?

There saliva can be very Hassidic.

I'm so happy I finally got that cavity fixed!

That thing was getting on my nerves.

Cavity joke, I'm so happy I finally got that cavity fixed!

Why would a dentist make a good airport security guard?

They both enjoy a good cavity search!

Why did the muslim with a toothache go to the airport?

For a free cavity search.

What is the scariest part of a cavity search?

When they put both their hands on your shoulders but keep searching

Why was the Icelandic football player called into his manager's office?

He had a cavity.

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I used to date a dentist...

but all the random *cavity* searches got to be too much.

What did the cavity said to the booger when they met . . .

why are you here?

Why are cops not good dentists?

When it's white, they ignore it
When it's yellow, they ignore it
When it's a bit brown, they ignore it
But when they see the black of a cavity they beat it to a pulp

My dentist gives me cavity searches all the time.

I think I need a new dentist..

I went to my dentist today and realized he works for the TSA....

He gave me a full cavity search.

Cavity joke, I went to my dentist today and realized he works for the TSA....

Last time I asked for a cavity search....

My dentist got really angry and threw me out of his office

Why did the dentist think he could work for the TSA

He had a lot of experience with cavity searches.

Dentist's tombstone:

"Here lies Frank Serra, filling his last cavity".

Written on a dentist's tombstone ...

"Filling his last cavity."

Woman to Dentist: "Its so painful"

Woman to Dentist: "Its so painful. I will prefer to get Pregnant than getting my cavity filled"




Dentist: " Make a Decision, I will adjust the chair accordingly."

Why do dentists make the worst TSA agents?

They're always trying to do a cavity search

What do you call it when Donkey Kong gets a cavity?

Tooth DK.

A dentist passed away

His tombstone reads: "He filled his last cavity".

I hear they're doing cavity searches at the dentist these days

Seems a little overkill

That's the 10th cavity search I've preformed on a minor just today!

Busy day for a dentist!

I was subject to a full cavity search by the authorities yesterday.

I would say it was hands *down* the shittiest part of my life, but...

If a TSA agent became a dentist, what would you call an appointment?

A cavity search.

What song did Drake make after going to the dentist to fix a cavity?

In My Fillings.

I asked my girlfriend to roleplay as a doctor, and she said "Great idea! How about I start with a full cavity search?"

She opened my mouth and started to poke at my teeth with a metal dental scraper.

"I knew you had it in you" said the supporting officer...

As he finished the cavity search.

What's the quickest way to a woman's heart?

Here chest cavity.

"I knew you had it in you!"

Said the very supportive officer performing the cavity search.

What does Bill Cosby and a dentist have in common?

They knock you out before they drill your cavity.

Went to the dentist today to get my cavity filled.

He asked my to leave when I bent over the chair and spread my cheeks.

I fell in love with a Dentist, she broke up with me.

Now my heart has a cavity no one can fill.

There is a mysterious blockage high up in my nasal cavity...

...I would like to figure out what it is, but I just can't put my finger on it.

A dentist looks into a patient's mouth and says, "That's the biggest cavity I've ever seen. That's the biggest cavity I've ever seen."

"I heard you the first time," says the patient. "You didn't need to say it the second time."

"I didn't," says the dentist. "That was my echo."

The dentist

A guy walks into a bar and orders a beer. "Went and had a cavity fixed this morning," the guy tells the bartender. "But it wasn't my usual dentist. Just some guy filling in."

Doctor's know...

"Doc, there's something strange going on, it's not normal."

Doctor asks "What do you mean?"

"Whenever I fart it sounds like I'm saying 'Honda'."

Doctor says "Go see your dentist, you've got a cavity."

So he goes to the dentist, and sure enough he has a cavity. Dentist fills it and, just like that, his farts sound normal again!

He calls his doctor: "Doc, you were right! I had a cavity, and once it was filled my farts were normal again! But you gotta tell me, how did you know?"

"Doctors know that abscess makes the farts go Honda".

A bad day at the dentist is better than a bad day at the airport.

Because a search for cavities sure beats a cavity search.

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