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A bad day at the dentist is better than a bad day at the airport.

Because a search for cavities sure beats a cavity search.


What has a bunch of teeth and no cavities?

A comb

Sorry jokes by my 4 year old.

What do you call a frog that fills cavities?

Dentist Hopper.

A mans wife goes in for a dental checkup.

After the appointment the doctor comes out to greet the man.

The man says "how was it?"

The doctor replies "Your wife has a lot of cavities that need to be filled."

The man replies "that must be hard on you."

The doctor replies "Not really I get paid every month to drill your wife."

Little kids at the airport act like they're going to the dentist

I don't get what they're so afraid of. No ones going to dig at your cavities at the airport, unless you look like a threat.

What's one thing in common with a dentist and a necrophiliac?

They both love cavities.

My dentist tells me that when it comes to cavities, you have 2 face the facts...

You either die with zero, or live long enough to need a fillin

Did you know the ancient Stoics never got cavities?

They were implacable.

This girl kept on putting her hands in my mouth

She also said I have no cavities

I just got 3 hours or oral work done by 2 professionals. All I had to do was lie there

It cost me $700, but it was worth it. No more cavities!

I'm afraid my love for candy has finally caught up to me: last time I went to the dentist I had 7 cavities.

And I have dentures!

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I'm going to the dentist tomorrow but I'm a little worried.

I've got more cavities than a girl in a gang bang movie.

To improve control of my off hand, my coach told me to start using it to brush my teeth..

It worked! My dexterity and hand-eye coordination improved immensely! Now if I could just do something about these cavities.

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