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"We need to talk".

Thought the caveman.

Once upon a time, there were two cavemen...

There were two cavemen overlooking the tundra.

Caveman 1: Hey look! A flock of elephants!

Caveman 2: Herd?

Caveman 1: Herd of what?

Caveman 2: HERD of elephants.

Caveman 1: 'course I have! There's a flock of them, right over there!

What do you call a caveman who likes to walk slowly all the time.

A Meanderthal

Caveman joke, What do you call a caveman who likes to walk slowly all the time.

I (maybe?) came up with this joke today. What do you call a lost caveman?

A meanderthal.

Hipster Caveman

Went clubbing before it was cool.

What do you call a wandering caveman?

A meanderthal.

What do you call a nomadic caveman?

A meanderthal.

Caveman joke, What do you call a nomadic caveman?

A man walks up to a Jew and and a caveman and asks, "Do either of you know the capital of Alaska?"

The caveman points to the Jew and says, "Juneau."

What do you call a caveman that goes walkabout?

A Meanderthal.

Misc religion based puns

What do you call a horse who doesn't believe in God?

What do you call a pig who believes in the old gods?
A pag-ham.

What do you call a practitioner of Hinduism who solely worships in the morning?
A Hin-dew.

What do you call a caveman unsure it he believes in tools or not?

Properly relocating a cavewoman

Q: Why did the caveman drag his cavewoman around by the hair?
A: Because if he dragged her around by the feet she would fill up with dirt.

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Caveman Diet

My wife put me on the cave man diet. She says that like our ancestors, we can only eat things you would gather or catch. After about six weeks of this, I've come to the conclusion, I can catch a pizza guy.

The Better Paleo Diet

I'm on the Paleo diet, 
except I'm the caveman who discovered Snickers.

A caveman mathematician drops his glasses...

All he says is secant

What do you call a roaming caveman?

A meanderthal

Can someone explain why the caveman SpongeBob memes are funny?

Serious question not a joke

Caveman joke, Can someone explain why the caveman SpongeBob memes are funny?

What do you call a homeless caveman?

Hobo Erectus

What do you call a caveman on drugs?

A Flinstoner

What did the caveman say when he stumbled upon a pooping dinosaur?

"That's pooposterous!"

What did the caveman order at the cafeteria?

A Club Sandwich

Two cavemen were chiseling on slabs of rock in a cave

Suddenly one of the cavemen shouted, "I've did it! I've discovered zero!"

The other caveman asked, "What is it?"

The first caveman replied, "Oh, nothing."

What do you call a caveman who doesn't really know where he's going?

A meanderthal.

Joke I made up: Caveman and a bear walk into a bar. Bartender says "what's your story?" Caveman says...

Bear with me...

What did the caveman say after he got bit by a cat?

Me ow

This guy at work thought it would be funny to call me a caveman

I told him that was pretty low-brow humor

A caveman walks into an auditorium

He sits down in the front row and a janitor walks by. The janitor turns to the caveman and says, "Hey, the anthropology lecture doesn't start for another hour. You're early, man."

It's weird watching reruns of The Flintstones nowadays...

with their stone age drive-in movies and their caveman bowling... it just seems so... dated.

What do you call an aimless caveman?

A meanderthal.


Who was the most famous caveman?

The Rock

What genre of music does a caveman play?


What did the caveman say to his mates?

"Want to go clubbing tonight?"

What's a British caveman vampire slayer's favorite food?

Tea bone stake

Every family reunion we would see our uncle who we called caveman we called him that because he was big and hairy and every now and then he would eat one of us

Then we found out he was a bear

What do you call a bored caveman?

A meanderthal.

I asked the caveman if he wanted to play poker

He said:

"Deal, me in!"

What does one call a wandering caveman?

A Meanderthall.

As a civilized caveman, Arg found Kro's advocacy for cannibalism to be deplorable and publicly opposed him.

When the great famine arrived, he realized he was going to have to eat Kro.

Why did the caveman amputee go to the thrift store?

To buy second hand

What do you call a caveman that just wanders off?

A meander-thal

what do you call a catboy caveman?

a nyan-derthal

What do you get when you mix an amphibian and a caveman?

A froglodyte.

What do you call a caveman who is walking really slow?

A Meanderthal.

At the dawn of the Stone Age…

Og the caveman noticed that after a long period of darkness the sun would rise, traverse across the sky and then sink below the horizon.

Then darkness… until the sun would again rise once again, travel across the sky and sink below the horizon.

Again and again. Over and over.

Og wished to give a name to this event.

He thought long and hard. He tried all
sorts of words until his brain hurt and his tongue lolled in his mouth.

He tried every variation of sounds he could think of until he was exhausted.

In the end, utterly exhausted, he just gave up and called it a day.

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