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I always said that I would never ever go walking dark scary tunnels in the earth.

But eventually I caved.

I wonder how long our ancestors managed to live with no shelter...

before they caved

Animal Crackers

A woman's daughter kept begging for a box of animal crackers at the grocery store. The mother finally caved in and bought them.

Later, at home, the mother saw her daughter meticulously going through all the crackers.

"What're you doing?" asked the mother.

"The box says not to eat if the seal is broken! So I'm trying to find the seal to make sure it's not broken."

I really didn't want to take my son spelunking.

But I eventually caved.

I heard Elon Musk was going to send his mini-sub to the White House

Because Trump caved and now he's stuck.

What did the Thai soccer player say to the rescue diver?

I didn't want to follow the coach but I eventually caved in

Two Neanderthals were having a conversation.

N. Bob: Hey bro, why didn't you stand up to your mom? You said you wouldn't take any more of her nonsense.

N. Joe: I... I don't know. I just caved, man.

What happened when Batman tried to negotiate a good deal on a hideout?

He caved.

I'd been refusing to go exploring underground for months,

Eventually I caved.

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