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A good zinger that my friend carpenter used on a doctor

So this Dr hired my friend (who's a carpenter) to do some work around the house, the doc was curiously looking over my friends shoulder as he was putting a piece of molding to cover his uneven cut. The doc said with a cavalier attitude "that's an easy way to hide your mistakes!" and without thinking, my friend replied "yeah, to hide my mistakes I don't need 6 feet of soil!"

A rouge English cavalier from the Middle Ages is magically sent into the future to depose Thailand's most ruthless dictator.

One knight in Bangkok makes a hard man humble.

So the Cavaliers and the Celtics made a blockbuster trade today.

And here I am thinking, "Didn't that store go out of business already?"

Grandad: I fought in the war, you know.

Grandson: Were you a Roundhead or a Cavalier?

LeBron James was stumping for Clinton today.

LeBron James was stumping for Clinton, but he appeavered to have a Cavalier attitude.....

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