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What was the Jokers catchphrase during the prohibition?

We live in a sobriety

I think my new Simpsons shirt is a knock-off

It says don't halve a cow, man .

They really butchered the catchphrase.

What is an Italian Terminators Catchphrase?

Pasta la vista, baby.

Catchphrase joke, What is an Italian Terminators Catchphrase?

I'm writing a Bollywood take on a spy movie, about a taxi driver who's really an undercover agent.

His catchphrase is, "the name's Shaw - Rick Shaw".

What does a fisherman say when he catches a fish?

His catch-phrase.

Short n' Sweet, hope you like it!

What's a prostitutes' catchphrase when she's offering a discount?

Get more bang for your buck.

What's an erudite's catchphrase?

Can i have some more.

Catchphrase joke, What's an erudite's catchphrase?

The Incredible Hulk became a muslim.

Now his new catchphrase is "i slam".

What is the catchphrase of a douchebag magician?


I'll show myself out...

If Matthew McConaughey was in the KKK, what would his catchphrase be?

All white, all white, all white

"To 9,460,730,472,580,800 metres, and beyond!"

"Dude, that's a stupid catchphrase"

"What can I say, I'm Buzz Lightyear"

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I hear there's a new gem store opening down the road. They have a neat catchphrase.

# *Welcome to Mohs!*

If Columbo was a doctor what would his catchphrase be?

Just one more injection...

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