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Funniest Catching Covid Short Jokes

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  1. Kids are sick so the wife is worried about their weakened immune system making it easier to catch COVID… So I asked her what about their weekday immune system?
  2. Someone tried to tell me a joke about Covid earlier... ...but they were wearing a mask so I didn't catch it.
  3. Why didn't R. Kelly catch Covid? R. Kelly would have caught Covid if it were younger. But fortunately for him. Covid is 19.
  4. After weeks of isolation, my wife said she is getting tired of my inappropriate catch phrases... I said That's COVID, baby .
  5. Why did it take so long for Trump to catch Covid-19? He was holding out for a Covid-15 or 16 at the oldest.
  6. My wife is worried about catching Covid-19 on our upcoming cruise. I told her, Don't worry. We will all be on the same boat.

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Catching Covid One Liners

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  1. Why don't The Ants catch COVID? They've got little Antibodies.
  2. Why can't ants catch Covid-19? Because they have tiny anty-bodies
  3. Dele Alli joke This virus gunna have to be quicker than that to catch me.
  4. Girl , are you covid-19 on the surface? Coz, the chance of catching you is 1 in 10,000 .
  5. Dont want to Catch Covid-19 Dress up as an NFL referee they don't know what a catch is

Catching Covid Funny Jokes And Hilarious Puns.

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My wife and I went to grocery. Of course, we had face mask and goggles to be safe.
When we got there, wow, there are still too many people. Scary !
I decided, and I pulled my wife to go home cos we might even catch Covid there.
But, contradicting me, she wants to let go and doesn't want to go home!
Oh my goodness! I really dragged her back to the car.
In the car, she ignores me and is angry.
When we arrived home, when we remove face mask.
She is not my wife.