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Top 10 of the Funniest Catasstrophy Jokes and Puns

I used to have the strangest taxidermy of an old cat.

It was a catasstrophy

My kitten won top prize in a cute competition.

Unfortunately, they messed up the award... Instead of making it in the shape of a kitty's face they made it into a kitty's behind!!

It's a real cat-ass-trophy!

A hunter shot a lion and wanted its head mounted. Unfortunately, the taxidermist got it backwards.

It was a real cat-ass-trophy

What happens when you cross a grown kitten, a donkey, and a champion?

A cat-ass-trophy.

The award for Best Feline Behind was a disaster.

...a real cat-ass-trophy.

Fortunately my cat Whiskers did not win the feline booty contest...

We avoided a cat-ass-trophy

Did you hear about the taxidermist who messed up the award?

It was a real catasstrophy!

Why did the pet proctologist fear his first feline procedure?

Because wether he succeeded or failed, he knew he'd end up with a cat-ass-trophy on his hands.

My business centered around making awards for the **"Cats with the Most Beautiful Rear-End of the Year"** ceremony failed miserably...

Everyone kept telling me it was a *cat-ass-trophy*.

What do you call it when a cat finally gets out of the friendzone?


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