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Did you hear about the time a cat got into a mousehole?

Casualties were **cat**astrophic.

My house collapsed, but fortunately no casualties

We were all in the living room

A guy was high and was rash driving when he suddenly ran over a group of people walking on the footpath

He was later detained by the police and summoned to the court.

The judge asked him: Why did you run over the group when clearly there was a single person walking on footpath which was on other side of the road? Clearly there would have been less casualties!

The guy answers: I was gonna do the same but that guy saw me coming and immediately ran towards the crowd

There has been an earthquake in Mexico...





300.000 casualties. Brazil sends medical help, Germany sends food, England sends money and the USA sends 500.000 Mexicans

Breaking news: There was a massive cheese factory e**... in France today.

There were no casualties, but de brie everywhere!

It's a good thing the j**... flew planes at Pearl Harbor

If they were driving there would have been a lot more casualties

This halloween a classmate dressed up as a stormtrooper and shot up the school.

There were no casualties though.

How can you tell if the bodies at a soccer riot are truly casualties?

They stop rolling around on the ground screaming.

Did you hear about that tragic Spanish insurance scam?

There were tons of Sevilian casualties

Biochemists at Chipotle have discovered a way to defeat ISIS militants without any civilian casualties

Free Burrito Bowls.

FBI responds to increased number of botched investigations resulting in civilian casualties

By adding a new definition for "botched" to urban dictionary; successful

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