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Some people think vasectomies and castration are similar procedures

but there's a vas deferens between the two.

Two dogs are at the vet talking.

Two dogs are at the vet talking.

Great Dane: So what are you here for?

Poodle: Well I've been wandering around the neighborhood too much lately looking for sex so they're having me castrated, you?

Great Dane: My mistress does the housework naked, she was bending over cleaning the vegetable draw in the fridge and I just couldn't help myself so I went for it.

Poodle: So you're here for castration too hey?

Great Dane: No, I'm here to get my claws trimmed.

The kids don't know the difference between castration and a vasectomy.

True story:

Fellow teacher in the lounge during lunch: They have no knowledge of basic human anatomy. They thought that getting a vasectomy meant having your balls chopped off.

Me: When it comes to the difference between castration and a vasectomy, there is a vas deferens.

Thanks Reddit for letting me steal a joke and use it on the wild.

They asked if I could perform the castration.

I said I could pull it off.

Why is banking like castration?

Once you've lost your assets, you get no interest.

What do you call a lobster with a nutcracker?

A castration crustacean.

Castration doesn't hurt at all

you just need to make sure your thumbs aren't between the bricks when you slam them together.

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