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A marooned Baptist is rescued by a ship.

A Baptist has been stranded on a deserted island for two years. Upon being rescued, a sailor asks: "You survived. Remarkable. How did you do it?"

The Protestant says, "By the grace of God. Come, let me show you where I lived." So the sailors and the castaway retreat into the jungle.

After a short walk, the sailors and the shipwrecked man come upon three mud huts. The captain, suspicious that the castaway might not be telling the entire truth, asks: "are there others here?"

"No, sir. Just me." Says the castaway.

"Why are there three huts?"

"Well... that one is my house... that one is my church... and that one is where I used to go to church."


So a man who had been stranded on an island 7 years was finally rescued...

as the ship was pulling away from the island one of his rescuers was looking back at the island and noticed three huts on the beach. Curious, he asked the castaway what they were for. "Well" he replied "the first one there was my house and that one over there is my church" "and the other?" asked the sailor. "Oh that...thats the church I used to go to"


The stranded man

A ship, sailing past a remote island, spots a man who has been stranded there for several years. The captain goes ashore to rescue the man and notices three huts.

What's the first hut for? he asks.

That's my house, says the castaway.

What's the second hut for?

That's my church.

And the third hut?

Oh, that? sniffs the castaway. That's the church I used to go to


A husband comes home drunk..

His wife shouts: "So, you're drunk again, you castaway!"
The man responds: " Aww, shut your mouth, im punished enough to see you double!"


Castaway should have been titled

Casterbate. We all know what he was doing most the time.


What's the best place to break up with your girlfriend?

Castaway bay.


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