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I am really glad that No Nut November is over.

A whole month without cashews was rough.

What do you call expensive shoes?


- My 9 yr old son.

I was just eating cashews and one of them fell into my bra.

Is it still a cashew or is it a chestnut now?

Cashews joke, I was just eating cashews and one of them fell into my bra.

What do peanuts wear on their feet?


What kind of nuts go on your feet?



Today I met a man who said that everything in the universe was made up of pistachios, almonds and cashews.

But that's just nuts.

NASA is currently developing a way to grow cashews on the Moon's soil...

They're calling them Astro-nuts.

Cashews joke, NASA is currently developing a way to grow cashews on the Moon's soil...

What's the difference between a container of peanuts, cashews, and almonds and neutering a dog.

One is mixed nuts - the other is nixed mutts!

If I glued dollar bills to my sneakers, what would you call them?


Cashews are expensive, almonds are expensive. Peanuts are cheaper. How about deer nuts?

You find them under a buck.

Have you seen the prices of Almonds and Cashews?

They're nuts.

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Two cashews walk into a bar...

The Bartender says "How about a glass of our most expensive wine?"

The Cashews reply, "Do you think we're Nuts?!"

Ohhh Nuts!

Did you hear about the two cashews that walked into the bar?

One was a salted...

Mr. Peanut

What does mr. Peanut wear on his feet?


What kind of shoes do the richest people in the world wear?


Did you hear about the goal-oriented cashews?

They were driven nuts.

Cashews joke, Did you hear about the goal-oriented cashews?

If money could eat, what would be its favorite kind of nut?


I failed No Nut November

I ate cashews.

A french fellow has ten cashews.

Dix nuts.

What did the guy who accidentally bought cashews instead of almonds say?

Aw, nuts.

The Planters Peanut guy has a cousin who's a boxer, but he doesn't go by his birth name anymore:

Cashews Clay

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