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Where is my wife

A young man and an old man bumped shopping carts at the grocery store.
Young man: I am sorry. I wasn't watching where I was going. I was looking for my wife.
Old man : Sorry. I was also looking for my wife.
Young man: Well maybe we can look together. My wife is 24. She is 5'2". She has short black hair. She is wearing a pink tube top and blue Jeans. What does your wife look like?
Old man: It doesn't matter. Lets look for yours.

Hey guys. There's a grocery store on my left, a few cars, some people going for lunch, I see a bunch of carts or trolleys, whatever you call them. Please just think about me.

I'm going through a lot right now.

The British are very strange people.

They call pants 'trousers', shopping carts 'trolleys' and 6.7 raccoons in a human suit 'Prince Phillip'.

Carts joke, The British are very strange people.

My uncle has a horse that's a very good artist!

He can only draw carriages, carts, and wagons, but that's good for a horse...

In Feudal Japan, there was a system that determined who sat in the highly favored front position of carts.

You had to call Shogun.

Why don't auto repair shops fix golf carts?

Because they work with parts for cars, not carts for pars.

There was a woman in psych ward who escaped and stole all of Wal-Marts shopping carts.

It's clear, she's a basket case.

Carts joke, There was a woman in psych ward who escaped and stole all of Wal-Marts shopping carts.

My cousin is a hydro-technician.

Cleaning those golf carts gives him a lot of time to come up with better job titles.

What did the golf carts nickname the Car who played golf?

The Parking

My Grandpa told me this one about a crazy dog

I was out at the golf course the other day and there was a stray dog. It ran over to the shed of golf carts and starting licking up some spilled gasoline. Suddenly it started running around and going crazy then it just stopped and fell over. The lady next to me asked, "What Happened?!?" and i told her, "He must of ran out of gas"

I went to the supermarket today and got one of those shopping carts with the spinny wheel.

I was forced to shop in circles for hours.

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Why did the cow exit the grocery store with 6 carts teeming with food?

She went shopping on four empty stomachs.

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