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This article dives into the comical world of cartoons. Learn about different cartoon characters, such as a cartoon cat, dog, golf and animal. Plus, explore special holiday cartoons such as Cartoon Christmas and Cartoon Halloween. Find out how cartoonists are adapting to the times with Covid cartoons, and discover SNL's take on the current cultural fandom. Whether you're an illustrator or a fan, you'll enjoy this collection of cartoon jokes!

Best Short Cartoon Jokes

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  1. My favorite drawings at the Muhammad cartoon festival in Texas were the two chalk outlines out front. Credit Evan Sayet.
  2. "Doctor doctor I think I'm going deaf." "What are the symptoms?"
    "A yellow cartoon family."
  3. What is the difference between Donald Duck and Donald Trump? One is a cartoon character with a hot temper and the other is a duck.
  4. Why do necromancer's hate original cartoon shows? Because they prefer the reanimated versions.
  5. Why are programmers so good at poetry? Well, all words rhyme in binary.
  6. Man: "I've always had this absurd feeling that I'm a cartoon character" Psychologist: "That's a rather unusual state... How long have you felt this way?"
    Man: "Ever since I was an outline..."
  7. A beloved cartoon artist was found dead in their home today Officers state that the details are sketchy
  8. George Clooney creates an iTunes playlist and fills it with various cartoon soundtracks. Clooney Tunes
  9. On my TV I can see plenty of zombies, cartoon characters, and religious hucksters. I guess the elections are coming up soon!
  10. I had a picture of my favorite cartoon rabbit, but when I came home one day, someone encased it in glass and hung it up. Who framed Roger Rabbit?

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Cartoon joke, I had a picture of my favorite cartoon rabbit, but when I came home one day, someone encased it in g

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Cartoon One Liners

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  1. What do you call an emo kids cartoon? Disney XD.
  2. What do ISIS and anime fans have in common? They both get hot and bothered over cartoons.
  3. Who would most likely call anime Chinese cartoon? A Chinese
  4. What do you call a Canadian cartoon? Anim-eh
  5. Which cartoon character have you seen live? Donald Duck
  6. What do you call a rerun of cartoon about zombies? Re-animated
  7. Why is Japans birthrate so low? Because kids and cartoons can't get pregnant.
  8. What do you get when you cross a cartoon character and a Communist? Mickey Mao.
  9. What do you call a pirate cartoon? An animatee!
  10. What is Oberyn Martell's favorite cartoon? Popeye
  11. What do you call adequate Japanese cartoons? Ani-meh
  12. What is Mongolia's favourite cartoon? Wall-E
  13. Corny Japanese Cartoons Ani-maize
    ...I'll leave now.
  14. Why wasn't Donald Duck's fourth nephew in any Disney cartoons? He had Down Syndrome
  15. What do you call cartoon duck sausage? Huey Louie Andouille.

Cartoon Character Jokes

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  • What's the difference between George H.W Bush and Stephen Hillenberg? One created a childish cartoon character that dominated TV screens in the 2000s, and the other one created Spongebob.
  • Our current president is practically a cartoon character... He is tweety, and belongs in a cage.
  • Hostelites are like cartoon characters. It takes a full season for them to change their clothes.
  • Why are Disney cartoon characters so hard to catch red-handed after a crime? They never take off their gloves.
  • There's a new hospital building in California named after a famous cartoon character the s**... Dooby Doo ICU.

Cartoon Animal Jokes

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  • What do you get if you cross a skunk and a cartoon penguin?
  • My favourite show Mitty and Donald trumps all other cartoon shows and proves yet again that anything is possible in animation and politics.
  • George Clooney opened an animation studio... ...his first cartoon was called "The Clooney Toons"
Cartoon joke, George Clooney opened an animation studio...

Unearthly Funniest Cartoon Jokes to Tickle Your Sides

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"..A doctor says to his patient, 'I have bad news, and worse news..'"

"This remind me of a hilarious joke. A doctor says to his patient, 'I have bad news, and worse news.'
'What are the bad news?' asks the patient.
'You only have 24 hours to live.' replies the doctor.
'Oh my, that's terrible! What could possibly be worse than that?!'
'Well, I've been trying to contact you since yesterday...!'
Haha! Always knocks em out!"
- The Joker on The Batman cartoon.

A cartoonist died in his home...

Details are sketchy.

Did you hear about the m**... of the cartoon artist?

The details are sketchy.

What do you get when you cross a bad canadian cartoon with a bad MTV series...

6teen and pregnant.

Someone keeps sending me envelopes with cartoon d**... on them.

I hate junk mail.

Im tired of the movies, I miss the Transformers cartoon.

That's when Optimus was in his prime

Pluto's Orbit

Did you know that Pluto's orbit around the sun is so large that it didn't even complete a single Pluto year between the time we found it and declassified it as a planet? It takes 248 earth years for 1 Pluto year. Isn't that horrible? Put it this way. We named a planet after a cartoon dog, and before it even turned one in its doggy years, we put it down. Isn't that horrible?

If I drew a cartoon depicting Mohamed and Harambe dating

It would be Haram-Bae

What's Rob Porter's favorite cartoon?


What do you call a cartoon cow?

An animoo!

Cartoonist found dead in his home.

Details are sketchy.

Why does Bob hide out every time, while watching a cartoon?

He's afraid that someone would Expunge Bob

I like my cartoons like w**... Allen likes his women...

b**... and asian.

A Cartooniat found dead.

Police says the details are sketchy.

What happens when a lion roars thrice?

Tom & j**... cartoon begins!

I know this voice-over actress whose specialty is cartoon women who've just seen a mouse.

She 'eeks' out a living.

what cartoon bear smells?

winnie the p u

Do you know why s**... Doo is the most viewed cartoon in denmark?

Because he's a Great Dane

s**... Doo is the worst cartoon to watch during the COVID-19 pandemic

Because the Mystery Inc gang doesn't seem to like people who wear masks

Cartoon joke, Why do necromancer's hate original cartoon shows?

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