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What do you call a wheelbarrow full of Qurans?

a la carte.

I'm so sorry.

How do you order food at a Muslim restaurant?

Allah carte.

How do Muslims like their food served?

Allah Carte

Carte joke, How do Muslims like their food served?

How do Muslims order their hashbrowns?

Allah Carte

Why did the Muslim only order a side of french fries?

Because he prefers his food Allah carte.

Rene De Carte Walks into A Bar

Rene De Carte walks into a bar.

The bartender asked if he wanted a drink.

De Carte responded with I think not

De Carte disappears.

Why is Carter Page refusing to comment?

He's all tapped out.

Carte joke, Why is Carter Page refusing to comment?

What's a Muslim's favorite place to grab a snack?

Allah carte

Why do cartels, always cut cocaine with Tide?

It softens the blow!

What did the Muslim do when he went to the restaurant?

He ordered Allah Carte.

Whats ISIS Favourite type of menu?

À la carte

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What is Osama bin Laden's favourite way to dine?

Aaaalllllaaaahhhhh carte.

What does the Cartesian train say?

I think I am, I think I am

What happens when the cartels execute a guy?

A hole in Juan

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