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  1. Ive been looking all day for a good carpentry pun. Unfortunately, nothing I saw wood work.
  2. I tried to come up with a carpentry pun that woodwork... I think I nailed it but nobody saw it.
  3. I find my confidence always goes up after some basic carpentry... ...I'm pretty proud of myshelf
  4. I was going to put a joke on here about carpentry. But i didn't think it wood work........
    so i decided to add some metal work instead,
    but i realised it steel wooden work.....
  5. I heard Mr. Krabbs is teaching a course on therapeutic carpentry projects. It's a selfish shellfish's shelf help self-help.
  6. TIL of a Nine Inch Nails and Tool collaboration project that never made it to the studio because of union issues It was called Unlicensed Carpentry
  7. I tried to come up with a pun for carpentry... that woodwork. I think I nailed it this time, but unfortunately nobody saw it.
  8. I tried to think of a joke to post here on carpentry. But I just couldn't come up with anything that woodwork.
  9. Dad always says when one door closes another will open. He never could figure out carpentry
  10. I suspected my friend of using my carpentry tools without my permission... And when he bragged he made a new front door decoration, I knew it was a sign.

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Carpentry One Liners

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  1. Tried to come up with a carpentry pun that woodwork… Think I nailed it!
  2. Just finished building doors for my fish. I'm highly skilled in the field of carp-entry.
  3. Why did Jesus drop out of the carpentry business? He got too attached to his work.
  4. I tried to find a pun about carpentry But nothing wood work.
  5. What's the first step in getting accepted to carpentry school? Submitting a stool sample.
  6. Why are anarchists bad at carpentry? They have no rulers
  7. My dad asked me how was my first day at the carpentry course I said that I "nailed" it.
  8. What did Noah name the carpentry supply store he set up in Little Rock? Ark-n-Saw.
  9. Which breakfast gurus would you ask for carpentry advice? The saw sages.
  10. My carpentry exam went really well. I totally nailed it.
  11. A description of my experience with Carpentry. It was boring.
  12. Jesus did motor cage attempt... Sorry. I meant carpentry.
  13. I was going to submit a joke about carpentry... But I didn't think it wood work...
  14. I got fired from a carpentry job. They didn't like how I handled my wood on the jobsite.
  15. Carpentry isn't what Jesus Christ is most known for because he was bored with nails.

Carpentry joke, Carpentry isn't what Jesus Christ is most known for because he was bored with nails.

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My friend really s**... at carpentry

He walked into Home Depot thinking he needed a screw.
The employee was trying to explain that he needed a nail, and how it even worked
Friend: So you're telling me I have to strike this thing repeatedly with a hammer?
Employee: Yes, you hit the nail on the head.

I haven't seen this one here.

Some monks came down to a small village in need of carpentry. They offered to replace all the wooden pillars and support beams in all the buildings by themselves. When the villagers asked why they were being so generous, the head monk simply replied
"Isn't it obvious? We're reposting for karma."

A dog is looking for work...

He stumbles across an open construction site with a hiring sign.
The dog goes to the foreman and says he's willing to work and can start immediately. The foreman asks the dog if he has any experience with carpentry and construction.
The dog replies, "Some; I've got a lot of experience with *woofing*!"

AI will silently take over a lot of industries until it gets to carpentry...

then suddenly everyone will start coming out of the wood work

I used to date a girl obsessed with carpentry. Finally I said, You have to choose. It's me or the equipment!

She chose the ladder.

Why are women so bad at carpentry?

*Holds hand in the air with fingers about 4 inches apart.*
Because men keep telling them this is eight inches.

Did you know h**... tried to get into carpentry?

He even published a book, Mein Kampfy Chair
Apparently it never took off because he had a thing against screws.

Carpentry joke, Did you know h**... tried to get into carpentry?