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When a musician's fingers move really fast across a piano, they're considered a prodigy and a genius.

But when i go even faster on full-screen rhythm games on my iPad, I'm "lazy", "going to get carpal tunnel syndrome", "unproductive", and "ruining the funeral, Emily".

Just hurt my wrists digging a hole between two koi ponds.

I think it's carpal tunnel.

Guess what my Valentine gave me?

Carpal Tunnel...

Carpal joke, Guess what my Valentine gave me?

I thought I had an STD once...

turned out it was just carpal tunnel.

If it wasn't for Carpal Tunnel

I wouldn't know when to stop masturbating.

My dad got carpal tunnel syndrome from being on a keyboard in an office all day.

It got so bad his boss made him get rid of the piano.

Why was the fish a slow typer

He had Carp-al Tunnel

Carpal joke, Why was the fish a slow typer

Why couldn't the Italian talk?

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

The only good thing about developing carpal tunnel...

Now when I jack it, it really does feel like someone else's hand.

Tomb Raider gave me carpal tunnel syndrome.

...and that was just the box art.

A group of programmers painstakingly made a small underground passage, that somehow got smaller if it was used too often.

They called it the Carpal Tunnel

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Have you heard about the injury during women's volleyball?

It might just be carpal tunnel, I should be fine next week.

How did the fish get from one lake to the next?

They took the carpal tunnel.

I have Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.

In my case, it is a sexually transmitted disease.

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