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Top 10 of the Funniest Carp Fishing Jokes and Puns

Just finished building doors for my fish.

I'm highly skilled in the field of carp-entry.

Did You Hear About The Preist That Was A Fish?

Holy Carp! There he is

A man walks into a fishmongers...

...with a carp under his arm. He asks the man behind the counter "Do you sell fishcakes?" The fishmonger says "Why, yes we do". "Fantastic!" exclaims the man, pointing to the fish under his arm "It's his birthday!"

Why was the fish a slow typer

He had Carp-al Tunnel

What's the difference between Neymar and a Dolphin?

When a dolphin dives he's fishing for a carp for food on a reef ...
When Neymar dives he's fishing for a card from a fool of a ref

What kind of music does an inspired Latin fish listen to?

Carp E.D.M.

What do you call a spontaneous fish that loves new-age techno?

Carp EDM

Apparently, Kevin James has been convicted of murdering a fish in cold blood.

It's true, Paul Blart mauled carp.

Two friends are fishing for carp...

...when one of them stands up and as he does, his wallet falls into the water and slowly starts to sink to the bottom of the lake.

As he feverishly attempts to retrieve it, two huge carp appear and both grab the wallet in their mouths and start fighting over it.

The second guy turns to his friend and says, "First time I see carp to carp walleting."

Why shouldn't Spanish people engage in spelunking and fishing at the same time?

Because they can get Carp El Tunnel Syndrome.

Where did Noah park his fish?

The carp-ark.

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Where does a fish end-up when it flies? A magic carp

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