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My friend Carlos got his car stolen

We call him Los now

My girlfriend told me she was pregnant, so I started looking for some names... the end I chose Juan Carlos and took the first flight to Spain.

gotta love cousins...

what do you call a hispanic man who's car got jacked? Carlos.
what do you call the italian man who stole it? Carmine.

Carlos joke, gotta love cousins...

Say what you will about Carlos Mencia, he sure knows how to take a joke

And present it as if he wrote it

My chemistry teacher pulled this on us today.

We were reviewing balancing chemical equations and got onto the topic of changing the names of compounds into their symbols so we could start balancing them. My teacher starts, "Changing names into symbols, is very much like translating Spanish into English. Maria estudia. Maria studies. Carlos va a la biblioteca. Carlos goes to the library. Now I would have said prison but I don't know how to say that in Spanish."

What is a Spanish person without a car called?


What do you call a Mexican without his car?


Carlos joke, What do you call a Mexican without his car?

My friends started to call me Carlos...

because I lost my car.

What do you call a Mexican who lost his car?


Jesus, take the wheel

Carlos, take the stereo

What do you call an Argentinian victim of grand theft auto?


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What do you call a Mexican knockoff burger restaurant?

Carlos Jr.

What do you call a Mexican that loses a car?


When an artist covers another artist's song, it's flattering. When a comedian tells another comedian's joke, it's

Carlos Mencia

If I had a dozen muffins and Carlos took 13 away from me, what do I have now?

A math problem

What is called a Spaniard without a car?


Carlos joke, What is called a Spaniard without a car?

Jesus take the wheel

Carlos take the stereo, Manuel get the seats and I'll be the Juan on watch.

What do you call a Mexican who can't find his vehicle?


What do you call a Mexican whose car has been stolen?


What do you call a guy that's lost his car?


Screw this! I'm going to leave the original joke making to the professionals!

Dane Cook...

Amy Schumer...

Carlos Mencia...

Thank you Carlos Danger

Your Weiner has saved the free world.

My friends keep saying, "If Trump wins, I'm leaving the country!"

But I think Carlos, José, and Alejandro are all talk.

What do you call a Mexican guy who's car always goes missing?


2016 has done the impossible

It claimed the life of Chuck Norris.

"Carlos Ray "Chuck" Norris (born March 10, 1940) is an American martial artist, actor, film producer and screenwriter died this morning in his house in Oklahoma at the age of 76. He is feeling much better now and has fully recovered from this minor annoyance."

Two cannibals are eating Carlos Mencia.

One of them turns to the other and says, "Hey, didn't we see this joke yesterday?"

My girlfriend got pregnant, so I've been thinking about a name for over two weeks

I chose Carlos and escaped to Mexico

What is Carlos Castaneda's favorite type of bagel?

Astral plain

What do you call a Mexican without any vehicle?


What's the name of the Mexican that loses his car?


What do you call a man walking down the motorway?


Carlos: You want to see a magic trick?

Me: "Sure."
Carlos: "I can disappear by counting to three in Spanish."
Me: "Prove it.
Carlos: Uno, Dos...


He disappeared without a Tres.

My friend's girlfriend is pregnant, and he is thinking of a name for the past few weeks.

Finally he decided on Carlos and ran away to Mexico.

What do you call a Mexican who doesn't drive?


What do you call a Mexican that is car less?


When I found out my girlfriend got pregnant I started thinking about all sorts of names.

I chose Juan Carlos and thought of running to Mexico.

One from my son(11) What do you call a mexican who's lost his car?


What do you call a man who has lost his car?


Jesus take the wheel

Carlos and Jose help me carry the sofa

What do you call a hispanic person that lost his car?


Carlos: Can I be frank with you?

Me: Sure.

Frank: Thanks.

Why is Carlos prescribed xanax?

Because of hispanic attacks.

There is no "i" in "team.

"But there's an "i" in "Tim," and my friend Carlos pronounces it "team." So....there.

A Dad joke

What do you call a Mexican who lost his car?


What do you call a Mexican who's car was stolen?


My Mexican Neighbor Lost His Car

He was Carlos

My friend lost his car.

I call him Carlos now.

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