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A careless hunter accidentally shot my atheist friend in the side with a shotgun.

The near-death experience made him a holier man.

A man was arrested after running a red light and hitting a Chinese food delivery car.

He is charged with careless driving and wonton destruction.

One careless spelling mistake...

... and laughter becomes slaughter.

Careless joke, One careless spelling mistake...

Computers are like women

At first you cherish them with all your love. Then, as time goes on you become more careless. Until one day you realize...

*You have a virus*

George Michael once damaged his ears while cleaning them...

Careless Swissper

I almost walked out on my girlfriend when she called me careless.

Sadly, I couldn't find my keys

Autopsy confirms George Michael choked on a chocolate bar

It was a Careless Whisper

Careless joke, Autopsy confirms George Michael choked on a chocolate bar

I work at a grocery store

And today I helped a woman out to her car who was so careless she threw a case of beer on her baby. But don't worry the baby is ok, it was light beer.

Two years after the death of George Michael, the cause was finally found. He choked on a chocolate bar.

It was a careless Wispa

George Michael walks into a bar...

The barman says, "George, you've got chocolate on your shirt!".

"I know," replies George, "It was a Careless Wispa."

Oh, Christmas tree, oh Christmas tree!

My ma can be quite careless with fire sometimes.....

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What do you call a clumsy chocolate bar?

Careless Wispa

What do you call someone who loses their second cousin?


What happen to careless Joe who fall into the grinder?

He becomes sloppy Joe

I had a careless shop teacher in High School...

He lost his thumb and ring finger in an accident. What a shocker.

A chocolate bar bumps into George Michael

Careless whispa

Careless joke, A chocolate bar bumps into George Michael

My friend told me George Michael definitely wasn't dead...

But it was just a careless whisper.

I always write great unit tests

Wouldn't want a careless bug to crash one of my viruses.

George Michael was upset to find he had let a chocolate bar melt in his pocket

It was just a careless whisper

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