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I went to a party last night...

..and everyone was watching a movie on the TV. I being introverted, hadn't talked with anyone and was watching movie by myself. When the movie ended, everyone was debating on what to watch next.

I decided to put on the movie I had brought from home. It was pretty funny and had Jim Carrey in it.

Everyone really like it. People started talking to me and thanking me for the movie. No one cared who I was until I put on The Mask.

A child was born without a body...

The doctor said there was nothing they could do, but the parents cared for their child anyways.
Several years later, the parents were approached by the same doctor, saying, "I've got some good news. We now have the capability to give your child a body, would you like that?" Of course the parents were overjoyed and immediately agreed.
Another few years went by, and the parents enjoyed being able to hold their child at least, but they wanted their child to have the best life possible, so of course they accepted when the doctor offered to give their child arms.
They loved being able to play with their baby, but were sad that they couldn't teach him to walk. They prayed for the day that the doctor would come just one last time, and it finally came. The doctor asked if they would like to try a new procedure to give their child legs, and they joyfully accepted.
They enjoyed all their time running and playing with their newly whole child, until one day the child was playing in the yard and ran right in front of a cement truck and died.
I guess you could say that the moral of this story is, "stop while you're a head".

I never really cared about plants

Until I learned to photosympathize

Cared joke, I never really cared about plants

Assholes are like opinions....

I wish my wife cared more about mine.

My Grandma's like the Moon...

Nobody's cared about visiting her for 40 years.

I just realized this entire pandemic has been a reverse of Bane.

Nobody cared who I was until I didn't put on the mask.

I cared for my sick dad in his last days, and I'll never forget his last words

"I think those were the wrong pills Billy."

Cared joke, I cared for my sick dad in his last days, and I'll never forget his last words

I once made an apathetic club.

No one cared enough to attend the meetings, though.

the papal visit

the pope visited Glasgow during his visit he went to the Royal infirmary. He went to the ward where seriously ill patients were cared for. The first patient could not walk, the pope blessed him and he got up and walked, the second patient could not see after the blessing his sight was restored, the third patient shrunk back in horror. He shouted get back don't touch me I'm on motability.

Do you remember how before social media nobody cared what, where and with whom you ate?

Still nobody cares.


A blonde and a brunette are having a conversation at work one day, when a delivery of flowers are dropped off for the brunette.

The brunette sees the flowers and appears unhappy.

"What's wrong?," asks the blonde, "I wish my husband cared enough to send me flowers for no reason!"

The brunette explains, "It means I have to go home and lay on the bed with my legs in the air for him tonight.

The blonde, surprised, asks "Why? Don't you have a vase?"

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They ran out of bread at the Indian restaurant, but it turned out nobody cared.

It was a naan issue.

Furries are like Bane,

No one cared who they were until they put on the mask.

What do Jim Carrey and Bane have in common?

No one cared who they were 'til they put on the mask.

What does Bill Clinton's presidency and Hillary Clinton's future presidency have in common?

Weiners got them both in trouble but in the end nobody really cared.

50 famous musicians were polled, asking which LED colour they liked best.

Only one cared enough to answer.

Eddie Vedder said he liked the yellow LED better.

Cared joke, 50 famous musicians were polled, asking which LED colour they liked best.

I don't care about Euro2016

I don't care about Euro2016, because last time I cared about big sport event Voldemort returned and Cedric Diggory died

If Americans cared about elections like they care about American Idol,

we would still end up with celebrity idiots in government.

I wish my friend actually cared about Earth, Wind and Fire lyrics.

All they remember is
"dancing in September."

If we really cared about gun control, we should just still Alaska back to Russia.

The whole state's basically a giant AK-49.

What do Josh Homme and Donald Trump have in common?

They both had sessions that nobody really cared for that much.

Why didn't the Middle Eastern man go to jail?

Because hijab his wife, but nobody cared.

A dangling pointer was trying to address...

But nobody cared as it was referring to a lot of garbage.

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