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A state trooper pulled along side a speeding driver and is shocked when he sees a elderly woman behind the wheel knitting.

The trooper rolled down the window and yelled, "Pull Over!"

"No!" yelled the woman, "It's a cardigan!"

A state trooper pulled alongside a speeding car on the freeway

Glancing at the car he was astounded to see that the elderly woman behind the wheel was knitting

The trooper crank down his window and yelled to the driver pull over

No! yelled the woman it's a cardigan

Why can't fashion designers play uno?

Because they always draw a cardigan.

Cardigan joke, Why can't fashion designers play uno?

I tried to pay for a sweater on credit…

It didn't go through and the cashier said try the cardigan

Cop: Pull over!

No its a cardigan but thanks for noticing.

A father and son walk into a gas station...

After grabbing a few snacks they walk up to the register to pay for everything.

The cashier says "sorry sir, but you have to swipe your card again."

Son: "dad, don't."

Father: *sweats profusely*

Cashier: "sir?"

Father: "but I'm not wearing a cardigan!"

This cop spots this blond driving

This cop spots this blond driving on the freeway knitting!

Pull Over! he yells.

No! She yells back, Cardigan!

Cardigan joke, This cop spots this blond driving

What did the magician say when his girlfriend was taking too long shopping for sweaters?

"Pick a cardigan. ANY CARDIGAN."

What do you call a cardigan you can wear every day of the week?

A cardiganandagainandagain^andagain^andagain^andagain^andagain

What's an automobiles favorite article of clothing?

A CARdigan

An old lady is driving on the motorway...

when a cop drives by and sees that she is knitting whilst driving. So the cop trying to stop this madness realizes he needs to do something. So he shouts over to the lady "Pullover!"

The old woman replies "No, its a cardigan!"

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If I buy a cardigan, and then I buy another cardigan

Am I buying a cardiganagain?

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