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What do you call a disabled vehicle left dead on the side of a road?

A carcass.

So a vulture is in line to board a plane...

and he's got a deer carcass in his claws. The TSA agent turns to the vulture and says, "That deer carcass smells horrific, surely you are going to check it on?" The vulture looks at the agent, smiles and says, "Nope, it's carrion."

A buzzard gets on a plane with a rotting rabbit carcass.

The flight attendant says "You can't bring that dead animal on the plane."

The buzzard replies "It's OK. That just my carrion."

Carcass joke, A buzzard gets on a plane with a rotting rabbit carcass.

what do you call a 145 million year old swine carcass?

Jurassic Pork

Ill show^myself^out

A vulture is at the airport...

He has an antelope carcass draped over his shoulder, at the check in kiosk the attendant asks if he will need to check in the antelope, to which the vulture replies, "No, it's carrion".

Text response from a confused carcass:

I decay.

Two old ladies are sitting on a bench

Suddenly one of them smells something bad and asks her friend "Sylvia, doesn't it smells like a decayed carcass in here?...Sylvia...?Sylvia...?

Carcass joke, Two old ladies are sitting on a bench

Vegan cooking instructions

How regular people read cooking instructions: dip the chicken breast in whisked egg.

How vegans read cooking instructions: dip the flayed carcass of the mother in the embryonic fluid of the child.

What do you call a broken car?

A carcass.

Leonardo DiCaprio slept in animal carcass in the name of acting...

That's nothing. I slept with a carcass for 3 years before my divorce.

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