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Top 10 of the Funniest Carbs Jokes and Puns

What do you call 52 slices of bread?

A deck of carbs!

I treat every day like I am running a marathon tomorrow...

I rest, load up on carbs and don't run.

What do you get when you stack 52 loaves of bread?

A deck of carbs.

The workout

A triathlete walks into a bar to replenish some carbs after a hard workout and orders a beer. "I just got done doing a 10-mile open water swim," he brags to the bartender. "Ten miles, huh? That's impressive," the bartender replies. "I'd struggle to do that much on a bike." "Yeah, well bikes aren't that good in water," the athlete says.

Why was the dietician kicked out of the casino?

He was caught counting carbs.

What's the difference between a potato and your sister?

Ones is fat, lumpy and full of carbs. The other is a potato.

I slept with an Italian woman last night

She gave me carbs.


are my starch enemy.

How do you guys feel about that popular country singer's new diet, it allows very very small amounts of carbs.

It's called the Trace Atkins diet.

What social construct has the most carbs?

Gender rolls

Coke is releasing "Coca-Cola Ginger" for a limited time (seriously)...

They are also releasing a "Coca-Cola Ginger Zero" version, which has 0 calories, 0 carbs, and 0 soul. ;p

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