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There was a poetry competition final with two contestants, a university student and an old country man.

They each had 20 seconds to come up with a poem about Timbuktu.

The student goes first and says " Across the desert sands, crossed a lonely caravan, men on camels two by two, destination Timbuktu."

The crowd goes wild cheering for the poem.

The old country man then goes, "Tim and I off hunting went, found some girls in a pop up tent, they were three and we were two and I buck one and Tim buck two."

The man at the circus.

A man is going to the circus to look for work. The man finds the manager in his caravan and asks him if he could get a job at the circus.

Oh, so you're looking to join the circus then? Tell me, what can you do?

I can mimic a bird, the man says proudly.

Hah, scoffs the manager, every single person at this circus can mimic a bird, even the slow stable boy, that's not anything we'd want here at this circus.

Oh well, says the man and flew out the window.

Dave took his wife Sheila and her sister Mandy away for a weekend in the caravan.

"Any chance of a blow job?" Dave whispered to his wife when they were in bed.

"For fuck's sake, Dave!" she hissed, "Mandy's in the bed over there!"

"Good point," he said, "Mandy? Any chance of a blow job?"

Caravan joke, Dave took his wife Sheila and her sister Mandy away for a weekend in the caravan.

Better name for the administration's handling of the caravan crisis


What does santa use to get into a gypsys caravan on christmas night?

A tin opener

What does caravans and women underwear have in common?

Both are in the way if you are in a hurry

Local Republicans complained about a public display supporting the migrant caravan

The Church apologized for the offense but refused to take down their Nativity set.

Caravan joke, Local Republicans complained about a public display supporting the migrant caravan

Hey did you hear Chuck Norris has joined the Caravan?

Now it's a Ram.

Chuck Norris joins the caravan

Now it's a ram

I've finally found out who the caravan is really hiding

Somewhere, deep within the caravan between ISIS, MS-13, middle easterners, and Santa Claus...

Is Waldo.

How did the immigrant caravan walk 2000 miles?

They listened to that Proclaimers song twice.

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What do you call a car, followed by a moving van, followed by more cars, but no trucks?

A caravan o trucks

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