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  1. How did automotive enthusiasts feel when a beloved Swedish car manufacturer was forced to end production? They were so sad, everyone started to Saab.

    Long live Saab.
  2. Why did the car enthusiast have trouble getting a BMW tattoo on his belly? Because he had an Audi
  3. Did you hear about the insomniac car-enthusiast conspiracy theorist? He stayed up all night debating whether Porsche did 911.
  4. What do crazy cat ladies and car enthusiasts have in common? They love to listen to their babies purr.
  5. What do you call a Catholic m**... who is also a car enthusiast? A Catholitic Converter

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Car Enthusiast One Liners

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  1. What do German car enthusiasts say in Texas? Audi
  2. How do car enthusiasts refer to their children? Same make, different model.
  3. How do you call a car enthusiast who's interested in bikes? Bike-curious
  4. What does a car enthusiast philosopher name his son? Aristhrottle.

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A woman on the way to her new job

A woman is in her car on the way to her new job at a mental hospital, when the car begins juddering, and she is forced to pull over. She is looking at the engine when a man comes up behind her and says "it's your fan belt, love", before he leans in, and has the car fixed withing seconds. "My god! Thank you so much, do you need a lift anywhere, I must repay you somehow." The man declines, and states that he is a patient at the hospital, and has been let out for a short walk. "I'm a new staff member there, I'm going to pull some strings and get you out, you are in a sound state of mind and you shouldn't be in there" says the woman. The man enthusiastically thanks her for her kindness as she gets back into the car. She is just pulling away when a house brick hurtles through the rear window and smashes her across the face and setting off the airbag. In her stunned state she hears through the shattered glass: "Simon Wright is the name, you won't forget now will you!?".

Arrested While Fishing

So I was fishing by this lake one day when a few nice fellows come walking by, presumably on their way back into town. These hard-hat wearing men told me they'd been working in a cave all day long, we joked about how we'd have a beer or 5 when we all got back to our homes. And they were very interested in my fishing pole. Being the fishing enthusiast that I am, I was happy to show the guys my whole line set up, my secret techniques, I even showed them some awesome tips on where to fish. Next thing I know - I see 2 Cop cars pull up. Frantic officers jump out and boom! Knee in my back, face on the ground, handcuffs clicking. Sir, you are under arrest! to which I replied, For what?! I've got my fishing license!"
For exposing your rod to minors and teaching them how to master bait."