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  1. In the next Marvel movie I hear that Ironman, Captain America and the others will team up to battle Comcast . It is called Avengers Xfinity Wars!
  2. Captain Marvel wasn't the first standalone female superhero... Iron man was, because he's Fe-Male
  3. What would you say to someone when you're busy looking for Captain Marvel's cat? That you're on a wild Goose chase.
  4. Social justice warriors love Captain Marvel because she's a powerful woman... ...but hate her because she's Binary.
  5. Marvel just confirmed that the Incredible Hulk will be replacing Captain America He will be called the Star Spangled BANNER

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  1. Is Goose from Captain Marvel a good character? You're flerken right he is.
  2. What's Captain Marvel's favorite cheese? Brie.
  3. Which Marvel character can beat Captain America? Captain Vietnam.
  4. I saw Captain review score is... 78 cents out of one dollar
  5. Which Marvel superhero is transgender? Captain: Am Erica.

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A young first officer asks his Captain

A young first officer asks his Captain,
"Sir, why does not my ability evolve. I don't seem to be getting better at flying?"
And the Captain patiently answers: "Son, have you seen the gulls flying by the setting sun, and their wings seem like flames?"
"Yes, my sir, I have."
"And a waterfall, spilling mightly over the stones but without taking anything out of its proper place?"
"Yes, sir, I have already witnessed it."
"Then the moon .. when it touches the calm water reflecting all its enormous beauty?"
"Yes, sir, I have also observed this marvelous phenomenon."
"That is the problem. You keep watching all these s**... things instead of focusing on flying the aircraft."