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So a woman walks out of a doctor's office

and she stops at the door, looks back at the doctor and says :

- What was it again ? Sagittarius, Capricorn ?
- No ma'am, CANCER !


My Ex and I weren't compatible...

I'm a Capricorn and she's a bitch.


Me and my ex-girlfriend just weren't meant to be together, she was a Capricorn...

and I don't believe in bullshit


I told my superstitious friend I was having knee pains

She said "I have been reading into astrology and its said that Capricorn, the sea-goat, has more knee pains. Are you a Capricorn?"

I said "No ma'am. I'm a Taurus, and that's bull."


Astrology joke

I've got a cousin who was born with a rare condition that renders him speechless, deaf, blind, immobile, and unable to talk. He mostly lies in bed in a hospital, and we feed him through tubes. But underneath all that, you can totally tell he's got that typical wacky Capricorn sense of humor.


I don't believe in star signs

but that's me... typical capricorn!


Poor little Jonny didn't understand the diagnosis

So he asks his mom, "what did the doctor say I have, capricorn?" His mom replies "No stupid, Cancer, you have cancer!"


Went to an astrologer and found out why my wife and I aren't compatible.

I'm a Capricorn and she's a fucking BITCH!


I've been diagnosed with cancer...

...Oh sorry, I meant Capricorn.


Star sign

Doctor: Choose a star sign.

Patient: Capricorn.

Doctor: Too bad you got cancer


I walk into the doctors office and the doctor says to me, pick a star sign, any star sign

Ok, Capricorn! i say

Nope, you've got cancer he replies


So I walked into he doctor's office

He said : Pick a star sign any star sign.

I said : Capricorn

And he said : Nah you got cancer


So I walked into the doctors office the other day

He said to me: Pick any starsign, any starsign you want

So I went and said: Capricorn!

And the doctor said: No..., you've got cancer


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