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I hear most Muslims are capitalists...

They're always going on and on about some Great Profit.

A Russian and a Ukrainian go fishing together. They catch a talking goldfish, and she grants them 3 wishes if they let her go

The Russian Says: We Used My Fishing Rod, So I Get First 2 Wishes.
First: I Want All The Capitalists Out Of My Glorious Country.
Second: I Want A Big Wall Around Russia, Nobody Can Cross.

Then Ukrainian Has A Dialogue With The Fish
- Is The Wall Done?
- Yes
- Is It Strong And Durable?
- Yes
- Nobody Can Climb It?
- Nobody
- And Nobody But Moscovites Inside?
- Yes
- Great! Then Fill It Up With Shit Up To The Edges

I finally understand the difference between capitalism, libertarianism, and socialism.

Capitalists hire libertarians to say socialism is bad. Socialists say capitalism is bad for free. And libertarians will say everyone else is bad as long as they get paid.

Capitalists joke, I finally understand the difference between capitalism, libertarianism, and socialism.

Why do communists always use lower case letters?

because they're not filthy capitalists!

People that type in all caps are...


What do you call a bunch of capitalists dying of tuberculosis?

Mass consumption

How many capitalists are needed to change a lightbulb?

None. Capitalists are not _needed_ for anything. They just tagged along to ask for lighting subsidies

Capitalists joke, How many capitalists are needed to change a lightbulb?

What do capitalists worship?


Capitalists have it easy.

They never have to spell bourgeoisie.

What do females and capitalists have in common?

They both exploit the labour of men.



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Why do poor economies confuse capitalists?

They don't make cents!

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