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What did the resistor say to the capacitor after he beat him in a game?

I ohmed you!

(my 10 year came up with this when I was teaching him soldering)

Why did the capacitor kiss the diode?

He just couldn't resistor.......

What did the resistor say to the capacitor?

Watt's up. ^^^I'm ^^^^Sorry

Capacitor joke, What did the resistor say to the capacitor?

To refuel the flux capacitor

Why did the DeLorean cross the road?

I went to the store to pick up a new capacitor for my broken microwave.

The sales rep. accidentally sold me a flux capacitor instead; and now my microwave turns my chicken sandwiches into egg sandwiches.

A capacitor hit my head.


What did the soldering iron say to the capacitor?

Go flux yourself!

Capacitor joke, What did the soldering iron say to the capacitor?

As the capacitor said to the inductor...

Why the reluctance?

What do you call a high voltage capacitor that's charged?

A flyback capacitor!

My friend stole my capacitor

I told him that wasn't farad all

What is the key to bragging about time travel?

A Flex Capacitor.

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My friend told me that he could create a biological electric current to run through a capacitor.

I said, "weird flux but ok."

DC sends a friend request to Capacitor.

Capacitor blocks DC.

The side effects of flux capacitor radiation include but are not limited to the following

Turning into a Teen Wolf


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