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A pious priest is taking a tour of the Glen Canyon Dam...

A pious priest is taking a tour of the Glen Canyon Dam when, suddenly, a hole blasts out of the side of the dam and water starts to pour out.

The priest knows that if the reservoir is emptied, the people downstream will be flooded and have to leave their homes.

He turns his attention to God as all good priests do and cries

O God! Dam it!

Running from a bear...

A hiker surprises a large Grizzly in the woods. The Bruin gives chase and as the man crashed blindly through the brush, he suddenly finds himself standing on a precipice overlooking a deep canyon. The bear is nearly upon him when the man in desperation shouts to the heavens, "Lord, give this bear some religion!" At that moment the bear drops to his knees in earnest prayer, "Our heavenly Father, Thank you for this meal I'm about to receive..."

Overheard this at Grand Canyon.

"Why do they put chicken wire around these plants? Other guy:" To protect the chicken plants"

Canyon joke, Overheard this at Grand Canyon.

Why did your dad visit the grand canyon last night?

Because your mom was in the mood.

A 25-y.o. man is tightrope walking across the Grand Canyon.

1/2 way around the world a different 25-y.o. is getting a blow job from an 82-y.o. Thai prostitute. Neither one of these guys knows the other guy exists, yet they are both thinking the exact same thing at the exact same time.

Just don't look down.

I'm going to the Kentucky men's basketball game vs Grand Canyon tonight

I'm pretty worried, I hear Grand Canyon's really deep.

[Dark joke] The little girl next to a canyon...

A little girl stands next to a canyon crying. An old man stops at her and asks her "whats up? what happened?".
The girl said "My parents fell down and died! Now I am out all alone!". The old man opens his trousers zip. "Doesn't seem to be your day".

Canyon joke, [Dark joke] The little girl next to a canyon...

At some point out there...

There's a teenage girl that's taking pictures of the Grand Canyon with the camera in Portrait mode.

Murder at The Grand Canyon!

Investigators, hot on the trail.

Why you should definitely visit the Grand Canyon...

Well... it's just plain *gorge*-ous

TIL it's possible to jump without a parachute from the top of the Grand Canyon all the way to the bottom.

But not twice.

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What do you call a good looking canyon?


Yo mammas so fat

When she fell in the grand canyon she got stuck in between

A canyon was knighted for its exceptional contribution to satire

From then on, the canyon was referred to as Sir Chasm.

Have you read the book Grand Canyon mishap?

It was written by Illen Dover and Phil Lin.

What do you call it when a Norwegian falls down a canyon?

A fjordian slip

Canyon joke, What do you call it when a Norwegian falls down a canyon?

HIM: heard your girlfriend died trying to jump over the Grand Canyon, how are you doing?

ME: I can't get over it.

HIM: it's okay, neither could she.

How beautiful is the Grand Canyon?

It's just gorges

I'd give my right arm...

to stay in a canyon in Utah for 127 hours

A Texan at the Grand Canyon

I had a Slovakian friend who toured the Grand Canyon on his American holiday in a group with a Texan in it. They're standing on the precipice watching a sunset over the vast Southwest pastel and neon sky, when the Texan points to the stunning, striated canyon walls below and utters to my friend in a whisper, You know, I could fix that hole.

The other day I dropped my baby nephew and my sister started freaking out

I understand that I should be more careful, but let's be honest, who the f*** brings a baby to the Grand Canyon?

I tried to get the Russian government to throw all of their old leaders in the Grand Canyon but they refused.

Nobody understands my Tzar Chasm...

Two cowboys were riding through a canyon and from far off they heard the sound of drumming.

One of them said, "I don't like the sound of those drums." And a distant voice called out "He's not our regular drummer!"

What does the Pope say when the Grand Canyon starts to flash flood?

God, dam it.

The Grand Canyon is so beautiful

Or should I say gorge-ous!

An eagle is flying over the Grand Canyon when it spies a frog by a stream.

The eagle swoops down and swallows the frog whole, flying off with a full stomach. Somehow the frog makes it through the eagle's digestive tract and pokes his head out of the eagle's asshole.

The frog takes a look around and yells back at the eagle: "Hey eagle. About how high up are we?

The eagle yells back, "Oh about 10,000 feet."

The frog replies, "Really? You wouldn't shit me now, would you?"

My wife and I recently went on a trip to Arizona, but we got into a fight about whether we should go to Meteor Crater or the Grand Canyon.

It was a whole thing.

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