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Today, I saw a painting unveiled at a museum, but it was merely a red dot on canvas.

It must have been a period piece.

Bought a pet rock. It looked lonely so I bought another. I dunno how, but they started breeding. Months later there was gravel and stones everywhere. I couldn't take it anymore and had enough.

Threw it all in a canvas sack, weighed it down with a couple of puppies, and tossed it in the river.

a Frenchman sneezed paint onto a canvas

He showed it to a friend, who was astounded.

Who's responsible for this remarkable piece of work?

The Frenchman smiled and said, Mon nez

Canvas joke, a Frenchman sneezed paint onto a canvas

I took this art class and the teacher said, draw anything.

So, of course, your boy likes wordplay, so I decided to draw water.

I call the teacher over to look at my artwork that I finished and she said, You didn't draw anything.

I said Yes I did.

She said, No you didn't.

I said Um... last time I checked, water was clear, so I guess you didn't see it.

The teacher must've had some anger management issues because she grabbed my canvas, threw it on the ground, and started jumping on it. After the third jump, she tripped and fell right on her ass.

I said, Oof, be careful... Water is slippery.

My newborn son has decided that every fresh diaper is a clean canvas that he must paint immediately.

He's a prolific shartist.

I can make digital art and canvas art easily.

But when it comes to paper, that's where I draw the line.

The worst job I ever had was at the canvas factory, pushing a large needle through 50 layers of cloth over and over and over...

Sew boring!

Canvas joke, The worst job I ever had was at the canvas factory, pushing a large needle through 50 layers of clot

When I was a boxer, they called me "The Artist"

because I spent most of my time on the canvas.

A man bring his art to an art dealer tying to sell it

A man bring his art to an art dealer tying to sell it

The dealer offers him a 20 for it.

The artist objects loudly: "But the canvas cost me more than that!"

"Sure, but it wasn't painted on then."

I saw a thistle painting onto a canvas.

It was an artychoke.

Have you heard of the artist that creates beautiful artwork by dipping his girlfriend in paint and dragging her across a canvas?

He always paints with a broad brush.

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I dipped a fish in paint and threw it onto a canvas, it then sold for a million dollars

It was a Pollack

What did the black paint say to the white paint as it smeared across the canvas?

Oh my you're looking gradient today.

I'm not fat

I just have a lot of canvas for tattoos.

I told my wife that last night I had a dream about a painter coming down from the Heavens to recreate her beauty on canvas

But after he saw her in person, he said that he had to return to heaven for more paint.

Bethesda's new statement regarding why they don't supply canvas bags...

The intent is to provide players with a sense of pride and accomplishment for using nylon bags.

Canvas joke, Bethesda's new statement regarding why they don't supply canvas bags...

Bethesda: [Speech 50] This is a canvas bag! Gamers: Speech check failed.

Bethesda: Loads old save.

Why Was The Canvas Maker Late Home From Work?

He had to close a sail

What is so great about white people?

They are a blank canvas that you can draw on and everything shows up.

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