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What do gays and melons have in common?


Bishop gets in trouble for saying fruits should get married in churches

"It's only reasonable, they cantaloupe"

What's a gay couples least favorite fruit?


Cantaloupe joke, What's a gay couples least favorite fruit?

What type of fruit are you most likely to find in North Carolina?


What did the melon tell her boyfriend when he proposed?

Yes but we cantaloupe.

Did you hear about the two fruits who weren't allowed to get married?

Turns out they cantaloupe.

why don't melons run away to get married?

because they cantaloupe

Cantaloupe joke, why don't melons run away to get married?

Some advice to you lovers out there...

They may say you cantaloupe, but honeydew it anyways.

What kind of melons always have big weddings?


What is someone who just got left at the alters least favorite fruit?


What do you call a pessimistic melon?

A cantaloupe

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Why don't melons marry on a whim?

They cantaloupe.

A pineapple and a grapefruit fell in love

But they're unhappy 'cause they cantaloupe

Why were the melons upset when they were denied a marriage license?

Because it means they *cantaloupe*

What did the one melon say to the other melon?

We're too young to marry. We cantaloupe.

I tried convincing my melon-loving girlfriend to run away with me.

But she told me she Cantaloupe.

Cantaloupe joke, I tried convincing my melon-loving girlfriend to run away with me.

What did the runaway melon say to the honeydew on Valentine's Day?

I cantaloupe.

What is Romeo and Juliets least favorite fruit?


Two melons have a secret love affair...

One melon says to the other, "baby, I love you so much. I just wanna sneak away and get married right now."

The other responds, "no, we cantaloupe."

What did the watermelon say to the honeydew?

"I'm sorry baby, we just cantaloupe."

Why were the 2 in love melons upset?

Because they cantaloupe.

(The wife thought of this one... hopefully nobody else has posted it)

Why do melons always have church weddings?

Because they cantaloupe.

I tried marrying a melon...

But apparently we cantaloupe

Why do melons always get married in a church?

Because they cantaloupe!

^^^^^^^I'm ^^^^^^^so ^^^^^^^sorry

Why do melons have expensive weddings?

They cantaloupe.

Why do melons have such extravagant weddings?

Because they cantaloupe

Where do cantaloupes go in the summer?

To John Cougar's Mellon Camp

Why did the melons have a small wedding?

Because they cantaloupe.

What do you call a melon that can't marry abroad?

A cantaloupe.

What fruit has an arranged marriage?

A cantaloupe

Why didn't the antelopes get married?

Because they cantaloupe.

What do you call two melons who can't be married?


Why do melons always have traditional weddings?

Because they cantaloupe

Why do melons have large weddings?

Because they cantaloupe.

What was Romeo and Juliet's just dessert?


My new sheepdog pup just swallowed a whole cantaloupe in one!

Since then he's a little melancholy.

Two Melons Fall In Love

The guy says, I love you so much, my sweet little honey dew. I don't want to wait. Let's run away to Vegas together.

The girl replies, No, baby. I cantaloupe.

My girlfriend of six years is a melon. She broke my heart when I proposed to her today.

She said, I just cantaloupe with you.

Mr. Pineapple and his Honey Melon are berry in love..

"Sweety, we are ripe for a wedding! Let's invite olive our fruity friends!"

"Are you sure we cantaloupe?"

Humans can elope

Fruits cantaloupe.

What tragic fruit resembles Romeo and Juliet?


Why did the cantaloupe jump into the pool?

It wanted to become a watermelon

My neighbor has a 15 acre farm, he breeds dogs to do work on them. He grows cantaloupe, and come harvest time the dogs sniff out the ripe ones and bring them back to the barn.

He says the breed are Melon Collies

Why is the quarantined melon couple sad?

Because they cantaloupe :(

My dog got a cantaloupe stuck on his head

Ever since then he's been a little melon collie.

Which fruit is the most pessimistic?

The cantaloupe

I'm not sure how to feel about this...

but I was sold a herding dog for my cantaloupe patch. He's a little melon-collie.

Why do melons always get married in church?

They cantaloupe

Two watermelons fall in love and want to get married.

Alas, weddings of that variety haven't been legalised yet meaning they cantaloupe

What did the watermelon say when the honeydew asked it to run away to Vegas and get married?

Sorry I cantaloupe

I made this up eating a green watermelon

Why couldn't the vegetable marry the fruit?

Because it was cantaloupe.

What did the watermelon say to the honeydew when it proposed?

Sorry, I cantaloupe

Why don't melons ever get married?

They cantaloupe

Why couldn't the boy run away with the farmer's daughter?

They were cantaloupe farmers.

Which fruit is the most faithful?

Cantaloupe, because it *cantaloupe*

Did you hear about the two melons in love?

They want to run away together but unfortunately they cantaloupe.

What type of fruit always has a wedding?


What kind of fruit is scared to go to it's wedding?


Why are the fruits going to have a fancy wedding?

Because they cantaloupe.

What do you call a pessimistic gazelle?

A cantaloupe.

Why can't melons get married?

They cantaloupe ^sorry ^I'll ^leave

What kind of melon can't get married in Las Vegas?


...I'm sorry.

Why was the young melon couple so upset?

Because they cantaloupe

What do you call a fruit that won't get married?

A cantaloupe

Why did the melon boyfriend and girlfriend have a big wedding?

Because they cantaloupe!

What kind of fruit can't just run off and get married?

A cantaloupe!

As of today it is legal for fruit to get married in Finland

Sadly the new law restricts one type of fruit to large elaborate wedding ceremonies............


Him: honey, dew you want to run away and get married?

Me: what? no, we cantaloupe.

What did the watermelon say to the honeydew melon?

We're not right for each other, we can't elope (Cantaloupe)

Why do fruit usually have big weddings?

Because they cantaloupe.

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