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Two blind men.

This morning I had to break up a fight on the sidewalk. Two blind men going at it with their canes.
I said: "Break it up guys,What the hell is going on here!"
Blind man 1:"You owe me fifty dollars!"
Blind man 2: "I don't understand what the hell his problem is!, I told YOU! ,"I WILL PAY YOU THE NEXT TIME I SEE YOU!"

If slow old men use walking sticks, what do fast old men use ?

Hurry canes.

My 83 year old grandfather is still trying to be a successful rapper, his name?

Two canes

Canes joke, My 83 year old grandfather is still trying to be a successful rapper, his name?

I know a guy who collects candy canes...

...they are all in mint condition.

So three old ladies are sitting on a park bench....

When all of the sudden a flasher comes by and, before they can reach for their canes, opens his trench coat and flashes them. The first old lady has a stroke, the second old lady has a stroke, but the third old lady couldn't reach that far.

I knew a guy who collected candy canes,

they were all in mint condition.

Discipline is important

A wife calls her husband into their son's room. She says, "Look what I found under Johnny's bed!" as she points to a suitcase filled with whips, paddles, canes, and cat–o'–nine–tails of every size, color, and material. "What are we going to do with him?" she asks. The father looks at the suitcase, looks at his son, and looks at his wife. He says, "Whatever we do we shouldn't spank him."

Canes joke, Discipline is important

I saw a bunch of old people protesting outside of Chick-fil-A...

They were raising canes.

I got two packs o' sugar...

Call me Two Canes

^I'm ^sorry.

Whats the difference between Ornaments, Candy Canes, Myself, and the Star?

You don't hang the star

I found some leftover candy canes from last year that were still in their packaging.

They were in mint condition.

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Eventually, all hipsters will age and end up needing canes to help them walk...


What do canes and blue pills have in common?

They're both ready for use when a man is limp.

What would be the name of a very old rapper?

2 Canes

What's Miami's biggest issue?

The canes, caine and hurricanes

What do you call a rapper with cerebral palsy?


Canes joke, What do you call a rapper with cerebral palsy?

What do chicken fingers and angry old men have in common?

Raising Canes

I just bought some collectors edition candy canes from Santa himself

They're in mint condition

Why are candy canes so expensive?

Because they're in mint condition!

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