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Father: When Abe Lincoln was your age he walked 9 miles to school and did homework by candlelight.

Son: When Lincoln was your age he was President.

Two ladies are in the gym locker room ....

changing into their running outfits. One lady notices her friend's tummy and asks: "Sara, why is there wax in your belly button?" Sara says, "Oh, you'll never believe how romantic my boyfriend can be. He just loves to eat by candlelight."

What did the candle say when it couldn't sleep due to his own candlelight?

There ain't no rest for the wicked

Candlelight joke, What did the candle say when it couldn't sleep due to his own candlelight?

A couple are on a date in a romantic restaurant...

A couple are on a date in a romantic restaurant. As their order arrives, the wife looks around and notices every table has a couple having a romantic candlelight dinner date.

The man on the table to her right says to his date, "pass me the sugar, my sweet Sugar"

The man on the table to her left says to his date, "pass me the honey, my sweet Honey"

She asks her husband, "Look at all these men, why aren't you romantic with me like this?"

The husband looks her deeply into her eyes and says with his most romantic voice,

"Pass me the pork, my fat pig"

Electricity is a great thing...

Without it , we'd be watching television by candlelight


Some people ask the secret of our long marriage. We take time to go to a restaurant two times a week. A little candlelight, dinner, soft music and dancing. I go Tuesdays, she goes Fridays.'

A couple celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary.

When they were asked what their secret was to a long lasting marriage they said:

"We take the time to go out to a restaurant two times a week. A candlelight dinner, soft music and a slow walk home. She goes on Tuesdays, and I go on Fridays."

Candlelight joke, A couple celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary.

Thomas Edison was certainly one of history's greatest scientists.

If not for his invention, right now we would be using our computers by candlelight.

Checking out the birth facility

My pregnant daughter and her husband were checking out a new birth facility that was more like a spa. The birthing room had a hot tub, soft music, and candlelight.

"What do you think?" she said

He looked around. "Isn't this how we got here in the first place?"

Candlelight is romantic until...

Candlelight is romantic until she realizes your electricity has been shut off.

Candlelight dinners, star gazing, long walks, just a girl with a burning heart...

...boy, Jean D'Arc really had a terrible life.

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