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I stole a stripper's kid.

It was like taking baby from a Candi.

Candice joke

Knock, knock!
Who’s there?
Candice who?
Candice joke get any funnier?

My stripper friend drops her kid off at my place when she goes to work.

Easiest job I ever had.

It's like taking a baby from a Candi.

Candies and Candles have a lot in common. One melts and tastes good while the other melts and smells good. What do they lack in common?

Their IL numbers.

Why was there a third candidate allowed on stage at the second U.S. presidential debate?

Because they didn't designate it a no fly zone.

Why do candidates always "suspend" their campaigns?

They should clearly kill them with ctrl-c, not ctrl-z. Now we will have a bunch of zombie campaigns in our political system.

What 3 candies do you find in school?

Redhots, DumDums, and smarties.

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