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  1. Did you hear about the testicular cancer survivor who won the lottery? ...when he found out, the guy went nut.
  2. So a turkey and a ham are walking into a cancer survivors meeting... The ham looks over at the turkey and says:
    "What are you doing here? You aren't cured. "
  3. Next time I meet someone that says they are a cancer survivor... I will say, "no doubt, my last girlfriend was a taurus."
  4. As a cancer survivor, people ask me how did I come to terms with having cancer. I didn't... It just kind of grew on me.
  5. What does a cancer survivor who just baked a pumpkin pie say? "I made it."
    Credit to my wonderful brother.
  6. What's the difference between a concentration camp and a cancer treatment facility? Concentration camps had survivors.
  7. Why do Breast Cancer survivors not like to talk about their treatment of the cancer? It brings them bad mammaries.
  8. What do you call a video of a birthday party for a seventy year old breast cancer survivor ? "Not your proudest fap."
  9. You wanna know the best part about chemotherapy? It was the free hair cuts.
    Source: Childhood cancer survivor

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  1. Thinking about opening a restaurant for breast cancer survivors. It's called h**....

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In Oregon, a veterinarian discovered 43 socks in a Great Dane's stomach. The dog was taken to the vet when the owner wanted to find out why his sock drawer was growling.
To ward off evil spirits, a woman in India has married a stray dog. The woman's biggest complaint about being married to a dog — is everything.
A new study has determined that wearing a bra, does not cause breast cancer. The study did find that going without a bra, causes cancer of the eyes.
Eminemn has been entered into the Guinness Book of World Records by having nearly 1,500 words in the song Rap God. And only 700 of those were the f-word.
The World Health Organization announced that doctors should use the blood of Ebola survivors to treat other patients. This was in response to the question, What's the best way to spread the Ebola virus?
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