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Top 10 of the Funniest Canadian Hockey Jokes and Puns

Why do Canadians always do it doggy-style?

So they can both watch the hockey game.

Why do Canadians always beat Germans at hockey?

Canadians bring their 'eh' game; Germans bring their wurst.

Why do Canadian women use hockey pucks instead of tampons?

Because they last for 3 periods.

There's a Mexican, An American and a Canadian on a blimp...

The blimp starts falling out of the sky, so the three men start throwing anything they brought that they don't need.

The Canadian says, "there's too many of these in my country," and throws a bunch of hockey sticks out of the blimp.

The Mexican says, "There's too many of these in my country," and throws out his sombrero.

The American says, "There's too many of these in my country,"...

And throws the Mexican off the blimp.

I went to a Canadian fight one time

And a hockey game broke out :(

why do Canadians have sex dog style?

So they both watch the hockey game.

Do you know why Canadian women like it doggie style?

They want to watch the hockey match, too.


Why do Canadian's do it doggystyle? So they can both watch the hockey game.

There's three things you should know about me, I'm Canadian, I watch Hockey, and...

I'm sorry.

What's the difference between a hockey player and a French Canadian woman?

Hockey players shower after 3 periods.

What do you call a bunch of redneck Canadians playing Minecraft?

Blocky Hicks with Hockey Sticks.

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Why do Canadians like the rear-entry position?

So they can both watch the hockey game!

I watched a Canadian fight one time...

...and suddenly an ice hockey game broke out

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