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You cannot RUN through a campsite, you can only RAN through a campsite.

Because it's past tents

I found out today that you cannot run though a campsite

You have to 'ran' - because it's past tents

You can't run in a campsite, you can only ran

Because it's past tents

Campsite joke, You can't run in a campsite, you can only ran

John leaves the tent where he is with his girlfriend in the campsite late in the evening.

- John, where you go?

- I'm going to pee outside. Be right back!

Two minutes later when he sits next to his girlfriend:

- John! It's raining?

- Nah! Just a lil bit windy!

Three lawyers go on a hunting trip…

Two were from Germany, the third was Czechoslovakian. They were about two days into their hunting trip, having a good ol' time when two bears come out of nowhere and devoured the three hunters.

Crime scene investigation was called in after a couple of hikers stumbled across the bloody campsite, and the detective came to the conclusion that the two Germans were eaten up by the female bear.

When asked how he knew, he pointed behind a tent where the second bear was sprawled out dead, with a foot sticking out, and he said, 'well, if you do a dna test, you'll find that the Czech is in the male.'

Thank you. I'm here all night.

What's the best campsite in the world?

Auschwitz, received well over three million starts

How did the hikers know they'd stumbled into a linguist's campsite?

They walked past tents.

Campsite joke, How did the hikers know they'd stumbled into a linguist's campsite?

It's impossible to run through a campsite...

It has to be ran.

Because its past tense

Everyone got quarantined at my campsite the other day.

You could say it was pretty in-tents.

I tried to get tornado insurance for my campsite, but the company refused.

They said, If your tent gets blown away, you... won't be covered.

My girlfriend is a campsite beauty.

She is pretty intense.

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How does one keep a grizzly away from their campsite?

By setting up a bear-icade you dummies.

I saw a fight at a campsite yesterday.

It was in tents!

What do you cal a campsite trampled by thousands of tiny insects?

A gnatural disaster.

A couple is staying at a nudist campsite...

"When I tell you I love you, why do you always lower your eyes?", asks the young man.

The woman says, "To see if it's true."

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