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Hitler gave his orders

...and his army set off. They spent all day attacking and capturing the Jews. After 4 camps were filled, they returned to Hitler's base. He closed the door and completely went off on his officers. "Damnit!" he roared. "I said I wanted concentrated juice, not concentrated Jews!"

Boyscouts vs. Jews

What is the difference between a boyscout and a jew?
Boyscouts come back from their camps.

How come Hitler's Germany had no people who suffered from ADHD?

Because he sent them all to concentration camps.

Camps joke, How come Hitler's Germany had no people who suffered from ADHD?

What kind of vehicle did they use to transport prisoners to concentration camps during the holocaust?


Why did the Germans have a vitamin C deficiency during World War II?

All the juice was put in concentrate camps

They say there's safety in numbers...

Tell that to 6 million Jews

I have found a cure for people suffering from Attention Deficit Disorder...

... just send them to concentration camps.

Camps joke, I have found a cure for people suffering from Attention Deficit Disorder...

I can't laugh at jokes about concentration camps, since my grandpa died there too.

The dumbass fell from a watchtower.

Where do they make Adderall?

Concentration Camps

Where do Jewish kids go when they are diagnosed with ADD?

Concentration camps

Why aren't dwarves allowed at nudist camps?

They allways stick their nose in other people's business.

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Who would guess that people will fight to get into trains heading for German camps.

What company did the Nazis use to move the Jews to concentration camps?


Where did Hitler send his Oranges?

The concentration camps.

German engineering isn't that good...

...showers in the camps didn't even work!

Why was Germany able to accept so many refugees so quickly?

They already had all the camps set up.

Camps joke, Why was Germany able to accept so many refugees so quickly?

What's the difference between a concentration camp and a cancer treatment facility?

Concentration camps had survivors.

Why do Germans have such great focus?

I think it's because they used to have concentration camps.

"The search for the man who terrorises nudist camps with a bacon slicer goes on....

Inspector Lemuel Jones had a tip-off this morning, but hopes to be back on duty tomorrow."

Why do Jews stay home during the summer?

They don't like going to camps.

Where do german parents send their ADD kids?

Concentration Camps

What's the best campsite in the world?

Auschwitz, received well over three million starts

Roosevelt, Churchill and Stalin are taking a coffee break in Yalta...

Churchill takes out a small black notebook and starts writing something down.

"Taking notes?", Roosevelt asks.

"No," Churchill says, "I heard a new political joke about myself this morning. I collect all jokes about myself. I already have over 100 in this notebook."

"How funny," Stalin says. "I collect all jokes about myself too."

"Oh, really?" Churchill says. "So how many have you got?"

"Three prison camps so far."

Did you guys hear about the new death camps in North Korea?

No you didn't. You haven't heard anything. Long Live the Democratic People's Republic of Korea.

Stalin bragged that his death camps were better than Hitler's.

Hitler responded, "Jewish."

You think you can escape Stalin's prison camps?

Hah, gulag with that.

A reporter wrote an article about gay conversion camps

It was shocking

You think ADHD is a big problem now?

80 years ago there were millions of people in camps trying to concentrate.

Where do chemical engineers make the most potent mixtures?

Concentration camps.

Concentration camps are not a matter to joke about! People died there and it is not funny. My Grandpa died in Auschwitz

He fell from the guard tower

I have a great idea for a place for kids to go in the summer where they can meditate and relax

These Concentration Camps are going to be huge!

The year is 1945...

The Soviet army is pushing closer to Berlin with each day. As they march closer, they start to find the concentration camps. In one of these camps, a Polish man with a limited knowledge of the Russian language is talking to Russian military officers about the camps, with assistance from a translator. As he explains, he reaches a word he doesn't know, and turns to the translator.

"How do you say civilians?"

"Acceptable casualties."

Where do people with ADHD go to die?

Concentration camps.

Where do parents send their ADHD children during the summer?

Concentration camps

What board game do they have in Concentration Camps?


You think Elon could create a machine to save the children trapped in the US camps?

Too soon?

Where do Grammar Nazis take their victims?

To conjugation camps...

I asked people if gay conversion camps ever worked

but nobody ever gave me a straight answer.

Wanna know why japanese people are so good at studying?

Because we put them in camps to help them concentrate

They tried to warn us, it's finally happening, minorities herding white people into camps.

Here in Oregon we call them "music festivals"

The die is cast

Hitler took a stroll in one of the concentration camps and he saw some Jews playing around with dice.
He came up to them saying : "if you roll a number from 1 to 5 you will die!
Jews : "And what if we roll a 6?"
Hitler smiled : "You get to roll the die again"

A guy says: "My great grandfather died in the concentration camps"

Then he laughs: "He fell from the guard tower"

"Stop telling jokes about this" His friend replies - "My great grandma also died in concentration camps"

"Oh I'm sorry"

"Yeah, some idiot dumbass dude fell on top of her from the guard tower"

Where are ADHD children sent for therapy?

Concentration camps.

Stop the concentration camp Jokes!

I find them incredibly offensive. My Grandpa died in one of those concentration camps!

Well, thinking about it...maybe he shouldn't have drank so much while standing on the watchtower...

So I'm trying to open a chain of outdoor, overnight facilities to help children overcome symptoms of ADHD.

Unfortunately I'm having trouble getting the bank to approve a loan for concentration camps.

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