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David Cameron.

What do you call David Cameron when he enters the houses of parliament? An inside joke.

What do you call David Cameron when he's late for the bus? A running joke.

What do you call David Cameron's leadership skills? A bad joke.

David Cameron has said the UK's mission in Afghanistan is 'accomplished'...

David Cameron has said the UK's mission in Afghanistan is 'accomplished'.

We're leaving that country in a state of poverty and despair, where half the population can't read and daily life is blighted by the ever-present threat of needless violence.

Yes, we've brought the British way of life to them all right.

Scotland's Independence

David Cameron has said Scotland could become a third world country if they become independent.
I'm not sure if things will improve to that degree, but you never know

Cameron joke, Scotland's Independence

What do James Cameron and M. Night Shamylan have in common?

Icy dead people.

David Cameron sends Alex Salmond a text following the Scottish vote...

David: "Hi mate just checking in, u k?"

David Cameron has said that Britain is prepared for a nuclear attack from North Korea.

Dave mate, normally we aren't prepared for snow at winter.

Cameron, Abbott, and Harper fall off a boat, who survives?

The environment!

Cameron joke, Cameron, Abbott, and Harper fall off a boat, who survives?

This feels like it could be a comedy bit, for how different leaders would solve the issue:

Obama: snaps the cookie in half

Putin: Forces the cookie in the glass

Kim Jong-Un: Cookie baker and glass maker are put to death

David Cameron: pours some milk onto the cookie. Doesn't work very well, spills milk. Written into policy anyway.

Someone else: Eats the cookie, then drinks the milk

etc. I don't know enough about politics to make this topical.

What's the difference between the number 3 and David Cameron?

One's a prime number, the other's a prime minister.

Right and Wrong

Mrs Cameron, a primary teacher, was teaching her class about the difference between right and wrong.

"All right children, let's take an example," Mrs Cameron said. "If I were to get into a man's pocket and take his wallet with all his money, what would I be?"

Little Tony raises his hand, and with a confident smile says, "You'd be his wife."

David Cameron

Went to his local butcher. He asked the butcher for a steak. The butcher asked "what is your favourite cut?", David replied, "the public sector".

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Did I miss something?

Kermit has a new gf and Miss Piggy is seeing David Cameron?

Regarding the recent David Cameron Scandals

So he walks the walk, talks the talk and apparently also porks the pork.

I feel sorry for the two policemen outside number 10

Seeming David Cameron has a thing for pigs now.

What does Arnold Schwarzenegger call a colonoscopy?

A Cameron Diaz

Where do David Cameron and his party meet?

In the Conservatory!

Cameron joke, Where do David Cameron and his party meet?

David Cameron: Tax evasion is morally wrong, I leaned that from my father.

The tax evasion bit, not the morally wrong bit.

What are the 5 most terrifying word in the english language?

"Five more years of Cameron"

Where does David Cameron keep his hidden money?

In the Piggy bank

Why was James Cameron so depressed after exploring the Mariana Trench?

He had really sunk to a new low.

The David Cameron diet:

You'll never lose your pounds quicker.

Ever since the EU referendum, David Cameron has become more friendly than ever..

People say he's really outgoing

David Cameron: I can't live...

without EU

David Cameron didn't do much as the Prime Minister of the UK

But Theresa May.

What does David Cameron say after sex?

That'll do pig, that'll do.

Statue of ex prime-minister David Cameron inappropriately touched by teen.

The case is proceeding under the grounds of Statue-tory Rape.

Kirk Cameron is left behind.

Now that Alan Thicke is gone.

Did you hear about the recent celebrity murder?

Sheryl Crow, Russel Crowe, and Cameron Crowe all happened to be in one room. Nobody was injured.

What's James Cameron called when he's no working?

James Camera-off

Why did the UK have to get a new Prime Minister after Brexit?

Because David Cameron wouldn't do it, but Theresa May.

A son ask his mother and his aunt Lana about his sister's name

Mom, why is my sister's name Cameron?"

"Well, son, your father loves romance, and Cameron is an anagram of romance. So we called her Cameron."

"Oh, that makes sense. Thanks, Mom!"

"No problem, Alan."

"Dad, why's my brother named Cameron?"

"Because your mother loves romance and it's an anagram."

"Thanks dad."

"Sure thing Alan."

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