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Top 10 of the Funniest Cameo Jokes and Puns

Just found out Chuck Norris had a cameo in Star Wars...

he played The Force

People think that Ed Sheeran cameo in Game of Thrones was bad...

But I thought Amy Winehouse getting hit in the face with a rock in last nights episode was just in bad taste.

Liam Neeson is making a cameo in the up coming "Cars 3" himself, Liam Nissan.

I heard that Kelly McGillis won't be returning for Top Gun 2. Guess which other Top Gun actor won't have a cameo in the sequel?


There's going to be a Fast and Furious cameo on Walking Dead

Paul, walker

I wouldn't be surprised if Stan Lee...

Showed up at his own funeral as a cameo.

New announcement about Stan Lee's funeral

It will feature a cameo appearance by Stan Lee.

Why did Bill Murray's cameo have a sore back?

It had to carry the new Ghostbusters movie for almost two hours.

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