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A new doctor goes to work for a year in Cambodia, where people still get maimed from landmines left over from the Vietnam War era

In his very first day in the hospital, the doctor sees a young girl in the post-operation area. She is crying, and in a panic, she says to him, "Doctor, I can't feel my legs!"

He looks down at the young girl, and in his best bedside manner, tells her, "That's because the doctors had to amputate your arms."

Did you hear about the race between Cambodia and Burma?

It was a Thai.

How do you get a Cambodian person to join you?

Just shout "Hey, Khmer!"

A Cambodian, a Vietnamese, a Laotian, a Malaysian and a Burmese walk into a bar

The barman refuses to serve them because they don't have any Thais

Weed legalization in Cambodia is a slow process

People still aren't ready to embrace any new marijuana legislation, the last pot pol killed millions.

Since its traditional, I had to try monkey brains when I visited Cambodia..

Mine was stupid.

What kind of Marijuana should one never ingest in Cambodia?

Pol Pot.

What is a Cambodians favorite makeup brand?

Khmer Rouge

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