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What do you call a Corvette following a Camaro at high speeds?

Chevy Chase.


joke from my father in law with prostate cancer...

whats the difference between a camaro and an erection?

i can maintain a camero.


What do you call four mustangs and a camaro?

A junkyard and a ride home


Did you hear about the electrician who bought a Camaro using money he got from scrap wire?

He really crimped and saved


What was I like in high school?

You know that guy who drove a Camaro and banged all the cheerleaders? I'm the reason he passed calculus…


Nigga I blast Leni Riefenstahl from my Camaro GT all day everyday nigga.


I changed the tranny in my 69 Camaro.

Now he has a brand new dress!


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