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Dad joke about phones....

A phone call comes through to a families home and the son looks at it and yells "Dad should I take this"

The dad yells back "who is it calling?"

Son: "It says private caller"

Dad: "Don't answer!! We only take calls from lieutenant callers or higher!!"

A girl with a wooden eye is at a dance

She's not getting any callers. Not a single dance. Jerry, the guy with no ears approaches..

"Hey Jerry, would you like to dance?"

"Would I??"


An Australian radio host is running a competition to great a new word and ask callers to suggest one

Caller one : garn

Host : can you use it in a sentence?

Caller one : garn get fucked (hangs up)

Host : ok, let's try again again, what's your word?

Caller 2 : smee

Host : and can you use it in a sentence?

Caller two : smee again, garn get fucked

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