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Calculators May Be Ugly On The Outside

But Its What's On The Inside That Counts.

Calculators are useless

What I need is a calcunow

What kind of instrument do Texans play?


Calculators joke, What kind of instrument do Texans play?

Calculators are reliable.

You can always count on them.

Graphing calculators cannot be trusted.

Theyre plotting something, I can feel it.

Our distributor shipped us a box of broken calculators.

Seriously, we can't count on them at all anymore.

What did the calculator say to his friend?

"You can count on me!"

Just kidding. Calculators can't talk.

Calculators joke, What did the calculator say to his friend?

Calculators can be pretty unreliable

But you can always count on your hands

Just bought one of these new Brexit calculators..

..nothing seems to add up, it just takes away and does division

Why do banks require 2 graphing calculators to take out a loan?

One to sine and the other to cosine.

Why are calculators grey and boring?

Cause it's what's on the inside that counts!

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I like my men like I like my calculators


A dead graphing calculators will.

"I'm leaving everything to my x don't ask y".

Calculators are the tool of the devil.

But I just love to sin.

How do scientific calculators communicate with each other?

Sine language

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