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My boss calls me "The computer"

Not because of my calculation skills but because I go to sleep when left unattended for 15 minutes.

According to my calculations, about 40% of Americans are Republicans

But that's just a Conservative estimate

A biologist, a physicist and a mathematician were monitoring a house...

They saw one person walk in, but several months later they saw two walk out.

The biologist said: "They must've reproduced!"

The physicist said: "It must be a calculation error"

The mathematician said: "If one more walks in, the house will be empty"

I've done some calculations, and I figure, that at my current rate of pay I could live happily for the rest of my life.

If I died tomorrow.

People with dysgraphia (inability to spell) also tend to answer arithmetical problems in an unpredictable, seemingly random matter.

According to them, you can't spell "calculation" without "luck".

A girl in my class thought 2+2=5

She grew up to be Miss Calculation...

If my calculations are correct, when this baby hits 88 mph...'re going to get a speeding ticket.

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