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Caitlin Jenner just signed a deal with Marvel.

She is going to be in the new Ex-Men film.

I don't care if Caitlin Jenner identifies as a woman,

but April identifying as January is crossing the line.

What do Caitlin Jenner and the Carolina Panthers have in common?

Manning was just a bit too much for them.

Caitlin joke, What do Caitlin Jenner and the Carolina Panthers have in common?

Why can Kylie Jenner see right through Caitlin?

She's trans-parent.

If Caitlin Jenner was a super hero

Would she be an X-man or a Transformer?

I was asked who my favourite X-Men character was..

Caitlin jenner was apparently not an appropriate answer

What superhero team should Caitlin Jenner be in?

The X-men

Caitlin joke, What superhero team should Caitlin Jenner be in?

People are wondering if Caitlin Jenner should be put in male or female prison if she is charged.

I think they should send her to a halfway house.

Is Caitlin Jenner a mutant?

Yes, she is part of the X-Men

Caitlin Jenner is starting a new superhero group

They're called the X-Men

My momma told me Caitlin Jenner drives a Dodge

I guess that's why she's having all those tranny problems.

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North West must be so confused visiting Caitlin Jenner...

... she's always putting her into headlocks until she cries Uncle

Why should Caitlin Jenner's name be Amanda?

Because he's a man, duh

Contrary to rumor Caitlin Jenner's reality show is not being cancelled.

It's just transitioning to a different network.

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